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Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga

Truly, one of the greatest sports manga ever made

You have been reading most and if not all my classic reviews, you would learn that a lot of old manga series are discovered by me thanks to my brother’s reccomendations. If I remember well enough, this was probably his very first manga series and definitely his favorite (next to Berserk, but that takes f*cking FOREVERRRR). It was probably the very reason he took basketball with such a passion during his highschool years. Now this was a long time ago, and he always told me, firsthand to read this manga if I was ever going to read a sports manga. So now, my time has come and I finally did read this and, wow. That was one hell of an inspirational joyride.

So whats the series about anyway? Judging from the title and the fact if you knew anything about the basketball world, it’s about basketball. The story is about the Shohoku Highschool’s average basketball team that rises to one of the top schools for basketball in the nation, thanks to a team of rowdy teammates that constantly fight and annoy eachother. Spoilers! but it’s a sports¬†manga!¬† Continue reading Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

I have this and C3 to review and then it’s time to ready the Winter anime posts

This show is nothing without me! Give me another season filled with me and Kobato!

One of the series that I reviewed this season. The one I actually fully covered. I was just thinking of editing the episode 12 review and having the review at the end of it, but I just might as well finish it off here. I’m just going to make this short with a opinion on characters and thoughts Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review

Mashiro-iro Symphony and Majikoi Double Review

Congratulations Mashiro-Iro symphony! You have done something a lot of harem series failed to do, choose an actual good character for the end

For the sake of comparison, lets compare this series with another harem series that was made off from an eroge, Majikoi. Yes, that will be reviewed here as well.

So before I begin lets cover the series’ general plot line and character lists, Mashiro goes first Continue reading Mashiro-iro Symphony and Majikoi Double Review