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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead Series Review

Just a few things I wanted to say

Well the second season of the weirdass series comes to a close (around 2-3 weeks ago) and I honestly, I’m disappointed in terms of how it went back and forth in content with the light novel. But then again, I just like the characters too much to hate it.

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Highschool DxD Review

Better Gif. I don't care if the post looks bad, you're just here for the gif
Better Gif. I don’t care if the post looks bad, you’re just here for the gif

Imagine Kore wa Zombie only the main lead is a legit pervert and instead of a cute necromancer girl, you have a smoking hot devil that just ressurrected you. Oh by the way, there’s boobs, BOOBS EVERYWHERRRE, more so than Highschool of the Dead. Is that necessarily a good thing? (pssh how could it not? They show boobs in the beginning seconds of the opening!) Well, read on and find out

(Light novel spoilers ahead, but it’s a fanservice series, what do you care?)


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Guilty Crown Review

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”

Ah yes, Guilty Crown. It started airing months back in the fall season when at least EVERYONE watched the first episode. People were more or less won over by the series’ magnificent music and design in its first episode. But shit began to hit the fan, and┬álots of people began bashing the series due to its despicable main character, Shu. But that topic will be talked about later. The 1st season was just something I would just watch while waiting for Amagami, Inu x Boku, and DxD to come out. But by the time the 2nd season hit, I was pretty damn hooked into it. There were just so many turns (some more “unexplained” than the rest, but still entertaining) at the end of each episode that I BEGGED for more. I liked it, it was simple as that. And come on: GUILTY CROWN, that’s a f*cking AWESOME NAME.

Organized Chaos ahead

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Carnival Phantasm Mini Review

It’s starting!

Awesome opening

I personally have never played Tsukihime, Melty Blood, or even Fate/Stay Night but that didn’t really stop me from watching this series and enjoying most of what it had to offer. Well, to be COMPLETELY honest, my brother has played Fate/Stay Night, I’ve watched the anime series (which from his words was crap compared to the game), I’ve read Melty Blood’s manga while I literally had no idea over Tsukihime while one of my friends told me its story. But like I said, I haven’t played the games, but knew enough of the source material for me to get some of the jokes. But I digress

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