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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Review


You would think that i wouldn’t watch this sorta thing.  Well with the internet swelling up with praise and admiration for such a series, i really had to see what the fuss was about.

Madoka (as i will address through the entirety of the review) is possibly the greatest series that aired this winter.  But because i am who i am, Zombie gets my place as #1, while madoka ranks 2-3, i forgot what aired that season.   Madoka is one of the Mahou Shoujo series, or magical girls.  A notable example? Sailor moon.  While many examples of Mahou Shoujo involve romance/drama/fanservice, Madoka frankly sets the bar for some new ones.

Madoka to put it simply, about a girl named Kaname Madoka, her friend Sayaka and the unforgiving world of the Puella Magi.  A strange creature is able to grant a single wish to a girl, in return, the girl must become a puella magi, who fight against witches that are responsible for deaths and murders.  A creature named Kyubey comes before the 2 girls and offers them to become puella magi.

The girls’ upperclassmen, Tomoe Mami, who herself is a puella magi gives them pointers and teaches them the basics of being one, if however if they decide to become one that is.  Before all of this happened, Madoka saw a girl in her dreams, and when a girl name Akemi Homura appears in her classroom the next day, Madoka is scared on what has just happened. Madoka must now choose the her future, lead an ordinary life, or lead a life that would change everything.

Due to plot reasons, i really will not go further.

If theres one word to sum up the entire series, the word is: Unexpected.  Why? well lemme ramble some more.

The first notable thing about this series is that the art, is just gorgeous.  Animation is smooth and it really stands out.  Other than that, the main focus of the series, is its story.  Even i was taken aback when certain scenes showed.  This show is DARK, not grimdark, but just DARK.  For all the happy mahou shoujo genre series, this series puts itself up on its own as a seperate category.  The story has to do with TIME PARADOX! and “dark” truths.  I really have nothing else to comment on, its good, really good, deserves a medal or atleast 4 honorable mentions.

To be perfectly honest, without discussing the darker parts of the show and the ending, i really cant say anything.  Spoiling such a great story, i really dont want to spoil this series, especially something so rare

Go give it a looksee, unlike K-On which i never saw the point of, this series stands out from the pile of cliches these days.

imma make an announcement later when i review HoA later this week