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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Review

Hikigaya is the best highschool student protagonist ever.

Oregairu is a series that didn’t seem too striking at first glance. Granted, with a series description sounding similar to what Hagani is, I didn’t expect too much out of it.  Just another highschool rom-com I thought. It would feature a loser protagonist who would somehow get involved with the school’s top beauty and also have another girl clinging to him. From the first episode, it was made very clear, that this series wouldn’t have any of that.

My low expectations for this series was completely shattered and my mindset of disliking most anime that features a high school setting is given some hope as this series really did impress me that much. So sit tight kind reader, I’m going to talk about one of the most suprising shows of this season.

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Oregairu Episode 11-12

I think this might turn out to be my favorite series of the season. Shingeki no Kyojin’s 2-3 episodes of exposition made it lag in my opinion and these episodes for Oregairu were just great.

I cannot WAIT to fully talk about this season’s shows.

Anyway, Wednesday will have its obligatory Music + Announcement post so I’ll cover what I need to then. So let’s head right into Episode 11 and 12 0f Oregairu

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Spring Anime Week 9-10

My computer’s internet got fried since Wednesday night and I was stuck planning out posts and what to do for summer since then. Other than usual academic stuff that I like to keep offhand to make sure I don’t forget too much, I decided to replay some of my games. I already Trophy Whored out Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 yesterday when I spent a good hour and a half unlocking all endings for the Gallery and spamming Crossover Counters and Triple Combo KO’s. I plan on tackling Metal Gear Solid 4 since I learned of its recent trophy update. But I have a more active plan for games over the summer and it involves the Gametalk I’ve been planning and that will commence as soon as this post is finished.

So due to time constraints and the sheer amount of work I need to catch up on before I proceed with my summer project, let’s get this stuff done real quick.

By quick, I mean Real.Quick.


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