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Oda Nobuna no Yabou Review

In my opinion, one of the better harems out there.

Consider it Koihime musou only with actual drama and a dude mixed in with all the girls.

You know how I review things, character lists….and there’s a metric ass-ton of them down below

To be honest, I was thinking of using every single picture of Goemon in every episode to fill this post. Guess I’ll save those for later

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Summer Anime Week 11

It would be disrespectful if I dropped Sword Art Online so I might as well persevere until the week is over. I’ll spare details because honestly, the series are almost over, and half the crap I’m watching is actual crap.

of course the review quality is going down, the seasons almost over (don’t ask me how that makes any sense)!

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Summer Anime Week 10

It’s a little late to drop shows, but Arcana Famgilia went downhill as they insisted on focusing on the tsundere and “lively” one. I’ve had it, I won’t cover it but I will complain about it during the end of the season.

Oda Nobuna wins for best episode this week, mostly for epic bromance and even more epic trap. Binbougami ga basically repeated another moral lesson for Ichiko, while SAO disappointed me again and Kono naka I just don’t give a f*ck about (it’s just there to look pretty)

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Summer Anime Week 9

Once again, Binbougami ga was the only one that did something…right. Being a comedy, the series has less expectations than series with an actual plot line. Nakaimo doesn’t really count cause it’s a harem and it’s just there to look nice.

Summer has 3-4 weeks left. I ain’t sad, but I ain’t happy either.

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Summer Anime Week 7

Let’s get right to it.

School is starting soon and I got other stuff that needs my attention. Posts, schoolwork, more posts, meh.

A bit more pictures than usual cause episodes this week were “decent”. Binbougami Ga jus got a lot funnier, Nobuna enters a new arc, Arcana finally gets entertaining, read all about it if you want. Noubna got more pics than usual because of the obligatory new arc meaning new characters. Whatever, enjoy.

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