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Needless Review


Well,the image i used for the opening image seems to be promising.  I see a cross and what seems to be a bible….great more bible references..i already have enough of that from school.

Well Needless does exactly that, it references the bible.  We got things like Adam, Eve, Testaments…and then i forgot everything else.

Well, because it is an informal review, lemme sum these things up with the opening, as it completely describes the nature of the series

The opening basically shows the action and comedy part

the Ending is like…porn, im serious, 3 lesbos kissing eachother o.O, im sorry they show this to kids?

Because i’m lazy, i highly recommend you watch the opening to know what im talking about

Well just in case you didnt watch let me explain

If you look the right, you would see the green haired little prick whose the excuse for the main character.  His name is Cruz but everyone calls him Yamada.  The most noticeable (guy atleast…) is the white haired dude in the background, his name is Adam Blade and he was part of a superhuman project.  The blue long haired girl in the foreground is named Eve.  See the bible references here?  Other dude in the left side is Teruyama, hes basically one of the few males who are important.  We also have an old guy as another male cast but hes just there to explain things.

Alright enough with the characters, lemme tell you the setting.

Basically, world gets ravaged by nuclear bombs, before that, there was this project that basically created superhumans, our hero i guess was created that way.  Now after the world gets owned by bombs, a huge area covered in black in japan (called Black Spot) basically takes over the area in Japan atleast.  Our hero, Cruz is part of the resistance force (the green haired kid) he and his sister run away after getting beat by machines known as Testaments.  Cruz’s sister apparently dies while fighting and while running away, Cruz meets Adam Blade, the muscle dude who can kick anythings ass.  So Adam rescues Cruz and he is taken to Gido, an old man who basically is like a father figure to most of the characters.  Then we are introduced to Eve, who is our scantily clad heroine of the series..  So in this series, most characters have a special powers called Fragments (which is what the powers are called) , Adam’s happens to be learning other abilities, and Eve’s happen to be changing shape.  We are then introduced to Teruyama who shows up to kill someone named Adam, he and Adam Blade fight only to realize, hes fighting the wrong adam.  The Adam he is looking for is Adam Arclight who is the leader of the a syndicate thats trying to take over Black Spot.  Our heroes decide to kill this bastard.  While on their way, they must head to a location where they meet another character named Disk who basically is the walking encyclopedia and she joins the crew, then we finally get some prominent enemies.  Unfortuneately, instead of giving badass enemies to combat badass heroes, we get three girls who have abilites.  I am NOT kidding,  but they happen to pack quite a punch. 

Most of the story is fighting three girls and traveling to fight Adam Arclight, i seriously can’t sum it up even more.  Characters basically make up the story so i will tell you about them in bulletpoints

  • Adam Blade: Is supposed to be our hero but we have a pipsqueak for that job.  Adam is extremely muscular and does whatever he wishes.  He’s extremely strong but he has one weakness.  He’s sort of a pedophile…lol.  His power is to memorizes other’s powers
  • Eve: Eve N. i cant remember her name wears like loinclothes but i don’t know, she is gone for most of the episodes.  She can change her body shape to anything she needs too.
  • Gido: Old man who basically watches over the Adam and Eve, he doesnt have any powers but he accompanies the crew
  • Cruz: Our good for nothing hero, his reason for joining Adam and Eve is to fight Adam Archlight (well the real plot has to do something about Eve)
  • Teruyama: I liked this dude cause one of his attacks is called Little Boy, for those who are mentally slow, Little Boy is the atomic bomb that fell on Japan in WWII.  Teruyama is our sidekick, atleast he can fight.  His powers are fire based
  • Disk: Is our 100 year old loli who accompanies the crew.  Her ability is scan, she can basicaly “scan” people’s technique and stats
  • Seto and Solva:  Seto is the blonde girl in the series, and Solva is a blue haired girl who wears a maid uniform.  The duo work together and their powers compliment eachother.  Seto suffers the japanese syndrome of carrying oversized swords, she can also control gravity while Solva can control magnetism, oh did i mention she has bipolar disorder?

Adam Archlight is the bad dude leader, but dont care about him, he appears like once or twice in the series

Our prominent bad guys are 3 little girls who have substantial powers that are like the Team Rocket of this series, only that they are little girls, and their panties are seen almost 65% percent of the time when they appear on screen

  • Setsuna: Blue haired, shes basically the ring leader, or squad leader.  She has the power of speed.
  • Mio: Pink haired.  Shes the dumb one.  Power of…power
  • Kuchinashi: She can’t talk (shes blonde btw) she has a machine on her wrist which emits fragrances that affect the opponents body.

I have no idea what to say for this series.  Its defineately funny but, the fanservice got a little too much going on a few times.  I stopped caring what happened to the story after like half the episodes, after that, it was just fanservice. 

In short: Like fanservice, comedy and action? go watch it.  If not, watch the  first episode and see if you like it

I don’t understand japanese people and their addiction to oversized swords, i understand if they are lugging it around and have a hard time fighting with it, but come on.  Oh yeah, Yui from Angel Beat!’s voice is Eve’s voice, the girl with the blue hair (long)

lolicons everywhere….it digusts and makes me laugh at the same time.

The anime stops at the second part of the series, the manga kinda elaborates

I aplogize greatly for the disorganized review: Its funny, just try it!

Seto (above) is probably the only “normal character” (and by normal, i mean average)  i can forgive her for her oversized sword because everyone else is just messed up, lol.  Our heroes are a wimp, a pedophile, a little girl, some sort of machine, an old dude, a girl with bipolar disorder, and i guess Teruyama can be forgiven as well.  Whatever, she happens to be my favorite character, and no just because of her normality (if such thing exists in a series like this)

I can’t stress this fact: Im sorry for the disorganized review, this series was complicated.  Also, try the series out.