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Winter Anime Week 8

I feel like my paragraphs are way too damn long, so I’m just going to split them up from now on. The 2 picture rule might be getting itself replaced.

That being said, large-unorganized amounts of pictures ahead. Prepare to be disgusted


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Winter Anime Week 6

Here it is

I didn’t catch up with Week 7 but I might as well get this out as fast as I can.

The Generals Magi

More posts shall be worked on in the coming days. Kamidori will get a seperate gametalk as the game really deserves a full post. I’ve gotten back into Fate Extra and Fallout New Vegas again too, but they won’t last me TOO long.

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Winter Anime Week 3

Quick! Before the Week ends!

Too late for that

But Week 4’s Recap is halfway done too. Of course, I got delayed thanks to…..Wait. I got DMC3 almost platinumed, Kamidori is getting repetitive so I’m taking a break from it, and….Oh wait, I’m reading Vento Aureo. Anyways

Let’s get this done

Gif from last week, deal with it
Gif from last week, deal with it

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