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Love Hina Review


Today on culture mystery: Why losers always get the chick in manga/anime

I watched a few episodes of Love Hina when i was kid in Korea.  I hated this anime/manga with a passion.  Why? Well the main dude is a dumb weakling.  He gets beat up by every single girl, yet they are attracted to him.  Well that was 2003.  I finished this series a few months back and i found to be an average series.  Why? Well theres a SPOILER so i put it at the bottom, but you can basically see the ending coming 20,000 light years away and i am not kidding

The story revolves around everyday looser Urashima Keitaro who wants to enroll at Tokyo University.  He moves in close to the area to find his aunt Haruka to find a place to stay.  Turns out that his lodging place turned from inn into an all girls dorm.  Because of his grandmother’s last will (who previously owned the place), Keitaro is the new manager to which the members of the dorm are suprised to see that they are supposed to be managed with a pathetic piece of crap.  There he meets Narusegawa, who reminds Keitaro of a girl who he made a promise to when they were kids.

Well i personally never felt for the characters.  Although it does have a plot, i personally never felt any sort of attachment between any characters.  It looked like a flimsy line for any sort of relationship. 

No i will not go into any deeper plot .  But i do wanna say that the SPOILERS begins here. 

Keitaro later finally gets accepted to his dream college, then he decides to screw all that hardwork and go work for another looser.  Then he comes back a few months/years later.  Then after some more delaying, Narusegawa and Keitaro get married.  I honestly didn’t feel “Aww thats sweet.” only a “FINALLY” because all the shit and abuse Keitaro has gone through. After Keitaro gets back, hes a little tougher, but i still don’t like him.  Hey, you can only give one first impression.

Regarded as one of the more famous ecch/harem mangas, i personally call this an average manga/anime.  But once again, im no pro, if you wanna read it, go ahead.