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Kekkaishi Review


Another series comes to a close

Kekkaishi details the life of Sumimura Yoshimori, the heir to the Sumimura family.  However, Yoshimori has no intention of his heredity rule his life, instead he wants to be a baker.  A middle school-er at daylight, and supernatural protector at night.  Every night, Yoshimori and his family’s spirit dog hunt the demons who are attracted to an anomaly at his local school grounds named Karasumori.  Yukimura Tokine, his love interest and his neighbor joins him.  The two fight against demons (ayakashi) with a special technique that was passed between the two families, the kekkai technique, which allows them to create barriers to trap demons and destroy them (but they are just boxes, so they can be utilities too).  The school grounds they protect gives power to demons that localize the area.  Tokine and Yoshi use  their powers to protect their home and family but they will soon be accompanied by more powerful individuals to dig out the secret of Karasumori.

The concept was intereting.  Its a breath of fresh air that the main characters didnt magically get their powers or is given the name, ninja skills.  The Kekkai technique gives off some unique blend of powers that can be used offensively and defensively.  The story has a crapload of characters, i actually stopped paying attention to them and just decided to focus on one family, The Sumimuras.  Yoshimori’s character starts out as a little annoyance (but likeable) and then gradually the most badass motherf*cker of most anime.  Although there are many times the average shounen character becomes freakishly strong (IE: Naruto his something move vs Pain, Ichigo vs Aizen when he overpowers him 10000x times), Yoshimori’s training is apparent with 2 key things.

First thing is that his training is SHOWN.  In Bleach, they just off Ichigo’s training, Naruto, they show something but its just concentration and old memories of his family.  Yoshimori goes under rigorous training with his grandfather to sate his hunger to get stronger due to one of his friends dying at the hands of demons.  Yoshimori trains everyday and is able to draw out his power and manifest into a creature.  Also, Yoshimori doesnt just get power out of nowhere, Naruto has a demon sealed within him, Ichigo can draw out his mask, Yoshi has nothing like that, he uses his power with planning and without reckless fist/sword fights.  Yoshi starts reckless, and later turns extremely chill and doesnt even flinch when he kills atleast 50 demons in a few seconds.  Naruto still has tougher guys to fight, Ichigo is currently getting his powers back (for god knows why), Yoshimori doesnt need to fight, he later gains the power to create barriers around him that disintegrates everything else in the barriers diameter and in the end, he can create a sphere in which he can fill it with everything he pleases.  Basically, he can be a god of  small area.

Second, Yoshi has someone who he despises and wishes to grow stronger (competition).  Yoshimori hates his older brother, Masamori, who begins as 10x talented as he is.  Masamori doesnt really like his brother either, because he himself isnt the heir (Theres this mark that appear on a newborn’s body which indicates the true heir to the family) Yoshimori is often tested by his brother and grows stronger each time they cross pathes (Masa is significantly older than Yoshi is).  Later, Yoshimori’s mother who also is freakishly power comes into the picture.  Bottom line, Yoshimori is not the run of the mill character who goes freakishly strong through fighting, he’s more of a tactical person whose training is fully shown

Kekkaishi is a great series and the ending is like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, which is: Just Right.  Although too many characters for me to care.

Im throwing in this picture. SHOUNEN JUMP