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Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi Review


If you live in America, theres a movie coming out with a funny dialogue in its trailer.  It shows a guy and a girl on the couch watching a movie, the girl says, “Why don’t they ever show whats AFTER the big kiss?” to which the guy  replies. “They do, it’s called porn.”

Be honored Hoshizora, for you are my first series to review in the spring anime season.  The above quote relates to this series why? Because it was a porn game! Thats right, you can take one of those 6 girls and give them a night they won’t forget.  But this is an anime series, so obviously, no sex.

Even with that kind of “Pre”Watch knowledge, i gave this anime a try, hows this for a synopsis?


Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Madoka, Ui, Koyori, Hina, Ibuki, Tsumugi

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