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Spring Anime Recap 1-3


First batch of testings are done and one more await me in a month or two Anyways, I will provide pictures later and will update as I go but for now, it’s just text.

Hmmm I wonder if I should just do episodic reviews to avoid walls and walls of text..It’s just copypasta-ing stuff to seperate posts so…

I’ll give that some thought:

Date A Live Reine

Pictures added

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Spring Anime 2013 Mini-Preview: Minimalist Version


Redundancy for the sake of weak emphasis on how crappy this post is. Sorry folks, allow me to write some elaborate pieces after this

This is what I believe to be the current chart for the upcoming Spring season. Allow me to quickly disclose my thoughts on them


and by quickly, I mean VERY quickly. When the spring series arrive, I’ll probably just add the newer series on the weekly recap lists and decide from their if I will continue something or not.

High amounts of minimalism ahead, view at your own discretion

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Fall Anime Week 7

Fall Anime Week 7

Delays and finding pictures were a b*tch. Maybe I should go back to screencapping.

Monday was filled with studying, Tuesday with just doing nothing, wednesday my friends show up, and now I’m sick with a cold. I feel like my throat is covered in sandpaper. Either way folks, I’m trying to get some other posts but until then

Here you go

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Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 1

Fall Anime Preview + First Impressions Part 1

Instead of one huge post and delaying said post while waiting for other premieres, I decided to just get the Fall Preview/First Episode/Impressions right now. So I’m going to just charge in blind and say whether I am going to watch it or not.

Honestly, no “Must Watch” series for me this far.

Part 2 will be written seperately with the series I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

Opinions made with respective 2nd episodes watched

Real sorry about the delay, tons and tons of work to catch up on. Episode 3’s and the other half of the series to be posted seperately

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Top 5 from HnG

Top 5 from HnG

Many anime blogs do this and this one is no different

Lets talk about some favorite characters from one of my favorite series, Hayate no Gotoku!

HnG happens to be a series chock full of characters and because i need a few more weeks for some anime to conclude, i might as well keep this style in handy for use in other series

By the way, this is top female characters, why? Cause theres only like 3-5 males in the series.

5-1, countdown, with one being my favorite (5-2 are favorites but not my all time fav)

Number 5: Athena

When Athenawas introduced, it took a few months to finish her arc, both flashback and present.  Athena’s popularity skyrocketed up pretty high, taking 2nd place in polls, Hina always takes 1st place.  Athena has the sense of regality and has nice looks to boot.  Athena has it all, the looks, the charm, the chest, the face, and the history with the main character.  She has the Childhood friend factor, and it’s probably the best example of the childhood friend thing that is used in anime.  Imagine if you grew up with Athena and when you guys are 16-17 she looked like that…come on!

Number 4: Nishizawa Ayumu

Nishizawa represents the normal factor in the entire series.  There isn’t really a lot to say about her, she’s just cute.  No wait there are a few things about her.  She’s the only one (out of 2) with enough courage to say that she liked Hayate.  Plus she eats a lot, which reminds me of me.

Number 3: Katsura Hinagiku

Fan favorite, i like her too.  Seriously, everyone does.  Hinagiku shows us that even though she’s a flatchest, she can still be the most famous character in the series.  Seriously, it’s impossible NOT to like her.  She just tries so hard to get Hayate to like her, she actually deserves it.

Number 2: Maria

Before Hina was introduced, we were stuck with Maria, and that was good.  In the beginning, it was just Nagi and Maria (a lil bit of Sakuya, Isumi, and Nishizawa) that we actually cared about.  I hate lolis and pigtails, Maria 100%.  She just has the personality do you say..”chastity(no not that one, she is one i suppose but….screw it) of being around boys.  Maria just has the older sister feel to it, the type of older sister that would be in an average and semi-incestuous anime.

Number 1: Harukaze Chiharu

The one in the middle with teh glasses

Suprise suprise, if Maria, Athena, or Hina couldn’t be my favorite, you had no idea who it would have been.  Chiharu is a less popular character who had very little screentime and appearences in the manga.  Currently, shes a resident of the Poorhouse alongside Nagi and the “Crew”.  Chiharu has something that reminds me of me (moreso than Nishizawa does) You see, i got to school full of…ignorants who basically cannot awknowledge the “japanese” culture persay.  In school, serious, stern.  Outside, anime fan.  Reminds a lot about me.  Plus shes got glasses and killer looks.  Shes the best. Chiharu just has the nerd mindsight and the hot looks, which basically makes the best (at least for me)

Hayate No Gotoku Review


Lets finish this one

I remember stumbling upon this manga during my 8th grade year in Middle School, ah good times, good times.  I was an A student back then, and now i’m an average student in an All Boys, All Honors school.  I’ve read this thing from beginning to the recent chapters.  I loved this manga, why? It has humor, it has great characters, a suprisingly nice drama.  I also introduced this manga to Genesis who loved it as well. 

Hayate no Gotoku tells the story of Ayasaki Hayate.  Probably the most oblivious, and most unluckiest guy ever (in some terms).  Instead of attending high school, he works at the expense of his greedy parents.  During one of his day jobs, he gets fired after lying about his age.  When his former boss says that he mailed his check to his house, Hayate just knows that his parents are going to use it all for gambling.  Hayate returns to his house to find that his money has been spent and that his parents have sold his organs to the Yakuza.  Immediatley after finishing the letter, the Yakuza arrive to harvest Hayate’s organs.  Hayate (due to his years of work, his body is extremely durable) runs away.  Hayate then realizes that the good never wins, he must delve to be a criminal to achieve anything, the bad thing is, this kid is the nicest kid ever.  He spots a lone girl.  And seeing that she has an expensive looking cloths, he decides to kidnap her and ask for ransom.  He approaches the girl, tells her that he loves her and asks her for her number.  He escapes and goes to a phonebooth and calls the number, and then he accidentally tells the person on the other line, his name.  Hayate now thoroughly depressed tries to committ suicide but instead he gets run over by a bicycle.  The person who was riding the bicycle apologizes and helps him.  Then she mentions a girl named Nagi, the girl who Hayate met earlier.  She just happened to get kidnapped.  Hayate borrowing the bike from the lady crashes into the kidnapper’s car and recsues Nagi.  Hayate passes out, Nagi happens to be one of richest people in Japan, the lady with the bike was Maria, Nagi’s maid.  Nagi decides to hire Hayate as her butler.

Thats what happens in the first chapter.  From there, Hayate gets tangled in the world of love and spoiled kids.  Hayate meets like 12-20 girls in the short period of 4 months.  Yeah, 300+ chapters in 4 months. 

8 Girls above like Hayate.

You might have noticed, theres another guy.  He is Wataru, one of the few important male characters.

In the beginning, it was slight romantic comedy.  Now theres drama, romance and comedy.

I don’t want to go into story because i don’t know where to begin but heres the sped up version

  • Hayate meets like a bazillion girls, 1/3 find him very, likeable
  • Hayate is liked by Nagi Sanzenin, the blonde girl with pigtails and Ayumu Nishizawa, the purple haired girl with pigtails
  • Maria, the maid Izumi Segawa, the girl on the right in the flying box and Sakuya Aizawa with the gray/green hair and Isumi Saginomiya like Hayate but as much as the above
  • Katsura Hinagiku (the fan favorite) meets Hayate, she falls in love after a few meetings.  Realizes her love when happens.  She has a fear of heights.  She is the student council president for a prestigous school.  Her office is at the top of the clock tower but she never looks outside.  On her birthday, Hayate helps her get over this.  Now if you read it, then what i just said will seem a lot more dramatic.
  • Hayate’s past is revealed, it is revealed how he is so damn strong even for a femenine looking guy.  It was his first girlfriend who made him strong and courteous.  Big screw up happens which seperate Hayate and his girlfriend, Athena
  • The cast decide to go to Greece for Goldenweek (Japanese Holiday)
  • Hayate sees Athena for the first time in 10 years (Hayate is 17-18, he had a girlfriend when he was 7? that bastard)
  • Athena has an ulterior motif, something to do with a castle where they used to live
  • Athena pretends not to remember Hayate and pushes him aside
  • Hayate gloomily has a date with Hinagiku, seeing him depressed makes her kinda depressed too
  • Hayate explains his story with Athena and then is told by Hina to after her
  • After some chapters with nailbiting by me (because each chapter came out each week, god i hated waiting)
  • Hayate finally confronts Athena, she admits that she remembers him.  Some shit happens, he gets rescued by Isumi (girl with kimono)
  • The royal jewel which Hayate has is the key to free Athena out of this demon, i have no idea but hey, it had some supernatural stuff happen
  • They break the jewel and once again meet Athena
  • Fight enues, they win, Athena and Hayate  reunite, yay yay,
  • Athena says that Hayate’s is good as is and she doesn’t want to get in the way.  The cast leaves for Japan after all this.  Athena then says she will go back to Japan too
  • The Royal Jewel was basically the inheritance Nagi would recieve (shes stinking rich), because of the jewels destruction, she loses the mansion
  • Nagi, Maria, and Hayate now reside in a apartment complex with a few more characters, actually i think just one

Read the damn manga, i can summarize most of the non-important chapters but the important ones you should probably read.  Also, if you have read up to Athena’s story, then the background for the first picture might seem familiar

Currently Nagi’s arc just ended, and Athena enters the picture

Other than that, i have nothing to say, great story, comedy, drama and romance.  But it takes time for the romance to settle in.  I also have to note the artwork.  The beginning artwork like i posted above where like the first 50 chapters or so, its been a while since i read the first 50-100 but now the artwork has changed… A LOT.  Also another reason why i like this: It’s a harem manga/anime (harem basically, girls outnumbering guys or vice versa) yet, the fanservice is kept to an minimum, and they give shots like the one below for wallpapers and such.  Not bad, considering the reviews before this post.


 What needs to be said by me, is basically said in the review 😀