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Analysis: Gintama


I am fully aware that Gintama has not been reviewed on this site and that the series is not over.

Ah Gintama, it has the characters and drama of Hayate no Gotoku and the action and awesomness of One Piece added with the humor of….hmm i don’t know but i parodies a lot of other stuff.  Gintama is probably my favorite series to date, it is at the top of the scrap heap alongside the classic animes and a few handful of modern anime (by handful, i mean like 5-7 series).  I first read Gintama when i was in the 5th grade.  I ordered a Shounen Jump from my school book lists and got the 2nd chapter.  At first i was like, “Man look at the art, its so messy” but read the 2nd chapter, it was funny, it was semi dramatic, and it was kinda memorable.  A few years after, i saw Gintama Volumes at my bookstore, read the first chapter, i laughed my ass off

Finally in 2011, i decided i should catch up to this series (after i heard the 6th opening theme for the anime).

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