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Game/Figure Wishlist + ACEN: Two and a half days of hunger and sore feet

Lemme get this post done quickly

First things first: Kore wa Zombie, Gametalk, a post about this site’s affiliate/new friend, and etc in that order shall be posted

Anyways, to make a long story short, ACEN was a complete source of awesome. Bunch of cosplay, crap to buy, and a crapton of people. Full story of my 2 and a half day expedition will probably end up in the Author’s Corner. The con was literally walking around. Looking for stuff to buy, stuff to eat, take pictures off, get autographs, attend panels. At least my crew had a nice place to rest when the day was over.

But it was the SHIT, and I spent a hundred dollars less (by not bringing my entire bag o money) than I intended. Even without the shopping scene, it was a hilarious and worthwhile experience.

Either way, I bought a picture, a mug, shirt, artbook, signed ACEN badge, a game, and a figure (which one? well, find out)

Pictures ahead

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Gametalk 4: Devil May Cry and the Cruciality of Main Characters

Yet another gametalk, this time I talk about how important the main character really is (other than of course, leading us through the story)

Remember the days of the PS2? I’m sure you do. The Playstation 2 was probably THE console EVERYONE had during the early years of the 2000’s. It’s count of games, was enormous. Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid, Jak and Daxter, Rayman, Dynasty Warriors (3 was the best), a huge wad of fighting games, Viewtiful Joe, Sly Cooper, Rachet and Clank, Onimusha, God of War, freaking Grand Theft Auto (San Andreaaas) and finally, Devil May Cry (I’m forgetting a lot of games I know)

In my opinion, DMC, GoW, Onimusha, and Dynasty Warriors paved the way for the hack and slash games that would come out in the middle to later years of the 2000’s (DMC’s creator would eventually make Bayonetta, one of the most over the top games EVER made). I mean, the concept was exceedingly simplistic. Get a big weapon and kill countless shit with it. But from the games I have mentioned above, I think Devil May Cry had the most style and flair. Although the best game from the series would be released 4 years after the original, the game made itself known before it.

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Gametalk 3: Pokemon!

A look at the games and the anime

It should be obvious to anyone who had heard of the series before that Pokemon is one of the longer running series of both the gaming and anime/manga world. The games has followed the path of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” route for the past few years since it’s release. The anime has stayed the same, but in the opinions of many people, it started out great and somewhere it started to go downhill. So where did it all go? Call me childish, but this piece of work is a still a cherished part of my childhood and it has done little so far to break away from what made it so good in the first place (at least for the games)

Because this is an anime/manga site, I will focus on that part of Pokemon a little more than the games.


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hippiefreak’s Extremely Simplistic Time Management Post

After being inspired by Overlord G’s simplistic (yes, it’s a compliment, I like simple) and effective way of inspiring me to get off my lazy ass to do something .  This is while I was reviewing something but I might as well do this. The entire “Time Management” series of posts originating from Kai’s very own post. SO, I decided to do mine as well, and Light if that bastard has time.

But now that I think about it, the topic is very boring, mostly because it is around me and Light who lead pretty “average” lives

Gametalk 2: Tenshin Ranman HGL and…Mass Effect

I’ve said many times before that if I was given a choice, I would have loved to own a videogame blog. But videogames are expensive, they cost at the lowest in new condition at $35 and the highest being $60. Games are expensive and I cannot play too much because I would run out of memory on my PS3 and I try to refrain from playing on weekdays to catch up on my studies. Anime and manga on the other hand is pretty free on the internet so I have no complaints there. Back in the days when there were 4 writers, not many of the other members played a lot of games or were not-lazy enough to write anything about them

Anyways today I want to just lightly talk about the two games I’ve been playing the most. Actually there are 3 games I’ve been playing a lot but only 2 have story.

The first game, Tenshin Ranman HGL (Happy Go Lucky)

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Gametalk 1: Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra

It will not be often I talk about games, but you people like pictures, and these games have very nice ones.

So if you listened to me or have followed the Author’s Corner (which I highly doubt) you would have known that I bought some, fanservicey JRPG games. I bought Luminous Arc 2 and Fate/Extra. Allow me to talk about them for a while, while giving everyone their pictures :D. I apologize firsthand for not being able to post seriously on friday and saturday. Friday was me literally playing said games (and a few others) while saturday I worked for the Salvation Army (which you would have known if you read the Author’s Corner :p ). I guess you could consider this a review, but at the moment, I haven’t finished either of the games, so just my quick thoughts

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