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Delayed Ramblings about Devil May Cry V Part 2: Family Matters

Welcome back to the second part of my ramblings on DMC5, this time, about the story and how it was handled. Now, for most non-fans or for people just viewing the fandom from the outside, plot seems like a relatively minor thing in the DMC series. To be fair, there is some merit to that since action games don’t tend to have all too great of a plot and it isn’t really until 3 that the series’ story really started to shine in any way. While DMC1 laid the ground work of the series’ universe with Mundus, Sparda, Dante’s past, and his fixation with his late mother, it was 3 that let the groundwork develop even further by multiplying the  depths of Dante’s character.

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Delayed Ramblings about Devil May Cry V Part 1: The Technical Stuff

So it turned out Jojo’s hour long episode is NEXT week so I am now compelled to post DMC5 exactly in the middle of these seasonal anime posts because I got nothing else at the moment. The following intro blurb, as reiterated by the last sentence, was written way back.

Perhaps it’s my judgmental bias really kicking in but from the looks of it, many people that I’m seeing talking about DMC5 don’t seem to have kept up with the series, be it gameplay or storywise, for the longest time. Granted, DMC4 was literally 11 years ago and DMC4:SE was just 4 years ago but in the age of streaming reactions and bandwagoning, it’s tough to believe some of these people actually know what they’re talking about. This translates to, people who only follow hypetrains are annoying and I’m particular about showing genuine excitement.

Speaking as a guy who’s played everything in the series minus fully playing DMC2 and DmC out of morbid curiosities, I have a couple of things to say about Capcom’s recent redemption arc with the 11-year awaited DMC5 being its latest entry into the return of Capcom.

And lord jesus, I wrote that intro around April and here we are.

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Galaxy Angel ML: It’s Back

After much delay, I’ve finally learned how to play these games in windowed mode! That’s not saying much since I have to take fullscreen shots anyway! So here we go folks, the second entry into the Galaxy Angel series. Allow me to take a quick moment to just talk about the slight changes within the game.

The changes will be obvious if I end up taking a screenshots but whatever. The graphics have improved immensely (but that ain’t saying much but they are tolerable compared to today’s games if one plays it now) and even in the dialogue scenes we have a few more “sprites” or rather more expressions for the characters. The HUD is improved and the interface while completely the same in style, it’s just a lot bigger.

In terms of actual gameplay, the dogfight sequences have a bit more “control” in a sense that you get to see everyone in the playing field. All enemies, Emblem Frames, and neutral/allies are shown on the leftmost fighting HUD. Finally, the game actually got a bit more difficult. So with that being said, let’s move on to the story.

The main menu screen music is pretty awesome. The original game had the regular rock intro but this new one is pretty catchy with its bass and jazzy tune. Anyways…

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What the hell is Kantai Collection?

A few years back, I did a basic summary of Touhou and Vocaloid to the newer audiences for the site. One can never too late to hop aboard and get introduced to two of the largest multi-media projects the two represent so other than my bad writing from years ago, I still consider it an informative post to newcomers.

So judging from the title, one can expect me to clarify another rising multi-media fad: What exactly is Kantai Collection? Since I’m an image board lurker who happens to see a lot of pretty images every day, I encountered a humongous increase in these characters who appear in this strange media rookie that is Kantai Collection.

If you want the extremely shortened version, the entire thing can be summarized in two words: Moe Battleships

Those who wish to know more, look no further.

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Anime, Manga, and Videogame

So while I was chugging away at doing educational works and prepping up the Week 3 anime posts, I did something I rarely have the chance to do: Browsing neighbor sites. I happened to be on G-Man’s site and I saw the curious post of Anime, Manga, and Videogame focus “editorial” detailing how the respective writer balances out time on all three. This post/project was started by Yumeka and since this topic resonates with me well, I decided to take a crack at it.

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