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Galaxy Angel:Resupply

Seasonal Transitions going on with a lot of distractions plauging my writing-time. I blame myself for marathoning the Angry Video Game Nerd but the need to game hit me again and the only way to play more Galaxy Angel, is to cover the previous chapters.

Just that I’d break the ice with this post. 2 more “talks” on the spring season remain while I decide how to tackle the Summer season because…well….it’s not as impressive. Now, as much as I previously that the Spring season was “supposed” to be mediocre, I really have don’t too many doubts that this season is very weak.

Enough of that though, let’s continue with the game/

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Galaxy Angel: Fortunes

Forging on ahead.

I apologize firstly for being late and second for the “detached” feel of my coverage so far. Galaxy Angel has the awkward no alt-tabbing thing going so I cannot get the pictures I want to actively keep up with the game’s coverage as much as I want to. So far, I’ve been relentlessly saving and loading in order to get pictures. It’s been hell because in Chapter 2 because I wanted to show all the rooms. Anyways, I promise it will get better and once I get locked into a route, I’ll try to get more pics.

We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work
We leave the bridge yet again to go have fun. Because screw work

So with that, let’s continue on!

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Galaxy Angel: Touring the Ship

Welcome to the second part of the Summer coverage of the GA trilogy. Currently, the first game is being problematic as it doesn’t allow Alt-tabbing or windowed mode so screencaps will be annoying to get. It was working completely fine with alt-tabbing during the first session of coverage but now it’s just being stupid. Thankfully, the other games are perfectly fine with it so I’ll have an easier time with them.

Chapter 1 had us introduced to everyone and the first half of Chapter 2 is going around the ship meeting everyone and knowing what they usually do. So that’s why I decided to split up the chapter into two parts.

I’m still getting used referring to us as just you and me and also when to use our protagonist’s name. Awkward reading ahead, hopefully I get used to it sooner rather than later.

This part will be the picture-filled part of Chapter 2 while the last half, not so much.

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Summer Game Project Galaxy Angel Start!

My residence’s internet got cut off when a local landscapers cut the cord, so I lived without the computer’s convenience for around 3 days. In that time of boredom, I picked up a few games and started Trophy Whoring myself for a bit. Anyways, let’s get to the topic at hand.

Back when I was in Korea, I only had 2 anime channels. One showed the usual Naruto, Inuyasha, One Piece stuff while the other showed stuff like Fate Stay Night and notably, a quirky series called Galaxy Angel. Set in the distant future, it showed a cast of 5 girls who piloted advanced ships called Emblem Frames to track down Lost Technology, remnant technology from an ancient civilization long gone (think Mass Effect and its Prothean stuff). To be frank, Galaxy Angel was strictly a comedy series and it definitely stands amongst my favorite comedy series even to this day. I was very surprised to learn that it started out as a romance PC game, suprised because the anime series showed little to no male cast member. Because I liked the series, I tried to find some way to play it, and that only led me to the horribly skewed (but nevertheless hilarious) version on Newgrounds. Eventually, it faded from my memory.

Somehow, the love for the series came back to me out of the blue and during the summer of last year, and I was able to find the entirety of the first trilogy completely translated. I installed them on to my computer and cried for a bit because the cutscenes weren’t working but I started it up anyway. To be honest, I played these games a year ago and due to business and laziness, I was unable to post anything about it. So consider this a redemption post-series.

GA- Chapter 1

So in order to keep post count up high during my rather lethargic looking summer and keep myself active, I decided to undertake a near-daily posting schedule on covering the trilogy of the Galaxy Angel games. So click the button, let’s get started with Summer 2013’s Game Project: Galaxy Angel


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