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Fate Zero Mini-Review

Fate Zero Mini-Review

Now THAT’S a way to end the series….with a resurrected priest and a naked blonde dude. But the part with Kiritsugu really did get me as it directly connected to what fate held for young Emiya Shirou

Mini Review cause I honestly think I could have done a better job at writing this review down, but busy life calls for some rushed posts, sorry.

I honestly didn’t pay attention to the first season of this show. The beginning didn’t really grab a hold of my attention as it really just featured everyone getting their servants, explaining their goals, and the rest. It was only after my friend and my brother wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was that I finally decided to watch the first season and start on the 2nd season. The first season dealt with Caster and how the servants needed to cooperate to deal with him while season 2 went back to the war and the masters going solo while a few tried to maintain an alliance.

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