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Durarara!! Review


Well this is the first series review and it will be about Durarara!!

Being one of the more memorable, and actually watchable anime this past year, Durarara tells the complicated and entertaining story of 3 teens that live in the city of Ikebukuro.  The series was first a light novel series then turned into an anime.

Mikdao Ryuugamin is invited to Raira Academy in Ikebukuro by his childhood friend, Kida Masaomi.  Mikado arrives by train and is instantly greeted by his good friend.  Off the bat, Kida tells him the people he should never screw with.  Izaya Orihara being first, Shizuo Heiwajima, Kadota’s Gang, Blue Squares, Yellow Scarves, and the urban myth, the headless Black Bike.  But he foremost warns him, about the enigmatic group of people called Dollars.  On the first few hours of his arrival, he is greeted by many of the warned people.  He meets Kadota’s gang, consisting of  Kyohei Kadota he ring leader, Erika and Walker, the otakus, and Saburo Togusa, the driver.  They seem pretty nice but Kida warns Mikado to not mess with them.  Mikado meets a few more people and then goes back to his house.  Later in a few episodes, we are introduced to Anri Sonohara, another crucial character in the series.  Recently a chain of murder is committed and the city is in shock, the characters then are placed in a chain of events that would change their lives forever.

The anime is finished but the light novels still continue

The series is heavily story based, unlike Angel Beats so no spoilers here 😀

The series have two endings and openings.


The anime was very nice, the story was good and the pacing was very well done.  The characters are diverse and likeable, actually i love and hated Izaya’s guts but i kinda act like him.  Durarara is not for everyone.  The story is kinda hard to understand but if you can understand it, you will love it.