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Date A Live II Episode 4- Rocked like a hurricane

Love how Yoshino is just there marathoning a soap opera and showing up at least once every episode. Hence the reason why she’s the featured image nearly everytime.

The twins arc come to close as expected. The LN’s had a pretty hectic time with the entire fighting portion of this arc but I think the anime did a good job on keeping a lot of scenes close together to avoid too much rushing. I felt like the Twins fighting themselves lasted a lot longer but they barely do any damage to each other so I guess we really didn’t need too many pointless action scenes.

To make up for the horrendous filler episode, and the double fanservice episodes we got ourselves a complete focus on the action. Let’s get right into it.

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Date A Live II Episode 3- Double the Spirits, Double the fanservice

I feared the adaptation of the following scenes because I knew it would mean some serious amounts of screencap hunting. Not that I have any problems with fanservice that but DAMN, this is around Light’s level of screencap (if you even remember him). What makes it even worse is that they’re twins, and being the person I am, I require both their screencaps and the corresponding picture of the other twin as well. What I just said may not make sense so to put it simply: the twins essentially double the amount of pics unless they’re together for a lot of the scenes. Anyways, my LN to Anime adaptation senses tell me that the twins arc will be over next episode. Explanations will be brief but will be at the end.

So, prepare for fanservice folks

and make it double

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Date A Live II Episode 2- The Real Episode 1

I mentioned before that I really didn’t need to go over a recap/filler episode so I consider this to be the real start of the Date A Live for this season.

What can I say, Date A Live has my enormously biased opinion because I worship the artist Tsunako and her character designs. Its story isn’t anything new but just for the pure reason of liking the way everybody looks is the reason I love it. While it’s a shallow reason, the series has grown on me immensely during the time I had fawning over its art.

So the first season left off pretty nicely at the end of Volume 4 and now we return to Volume 5.

Looking back at this post now, I amaze myself how I can drag out such a simple series with my typing.

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Update on Week 1 of Spring 2014

Series were getting dropped like flies so it really wasn’t worth the post. Allow me to just very quickly summarize what’s going on for this season and why it’s going to be like it is.

Let’s get the easier stuff out of the way

  1. Jojo is being watched. There was not any doubt over this.
  2. DAL is being watched for the sole reason of the artist behind the series.
  3. Nisekoi’s manga is getting worse with each chapter but the anime is something that I’ve already committed to watching.
  4. Mahouka is being watched so I can poke fun at Light FOREVER.

I’m not going to count the new DAL episode because it was an anime original to give retrospect to what transpired in the first season. No need for me to repeat what they’re explaining.

Now let’s get to the fun part.

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Date A Live Review

The weakest link in my Spring Season comes to a close

Compared to Oregairu’s interesting male lead, Hataraku Maou Sama’s comedy, and Shingeki no Kyojin’s actions, Date A Live is comparably the weaker series. The premise sounds something similar to Sekire mixed with TWGOK. You have your multi-dating sprees with a considerably less impressive protagonist with some massive accomplishments ending each conquest with a kiss. You might remember me saying that I only watched it because of Tsunako’s artwork in the Light novels, and that’s pretty much why I kept with it. Actually no wait, one more reason: They never fully translated Volume 4 (where we ended) so I’m at least content with that.

Since I was horribly lazy, there’s gifs instead of pictures.

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Spring Anime Week 9-10

My computer’s internet got fried since Wednesday night and I was stuck planning out posts and what to do for summer since then. Other than usual academic stuff that I like to keep offhand to make sure I don’t forget too much, I decided to replay some of my games. I already Trophy Whored out Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 yesterday when I spent a good hour and a half unlocking all endings for the Gallery and spamming Crossover Counters and Triple Combo KO’s. I plan on tackling Metal Gear Solid 4 since I learned of its recent trophy update. But I have a more active plan for games over the summer and it involves the Gametalk I’ve been planning and that will commence as soon as this post is finished.

So due to time constraints and the sheer amount of work I need to catch up on before I proceed with my summer project, let’s get this stuff done real quick.

By quick, I mean Real.Quick.


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