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We Regret to Inform You…


that hippiefreak just got hit by a car today while we were out partying…

What does this mean?

It means MANY things:

  • Never screw multiple girls at once (School Days)
  • Drinking is bad (People)
  • Buddha is cool (I said so)

Oh. Were you wondering how this concerned you?

Hell if I know. Oh wait, yeah hippiefreak updates the blog… so… about that.

Looks like no more blog until hippie’s arm recovers. Looks like he won’t be needing any lotion for a while either. -steals-

Basically, if you were too lazy or perhaps too annoyed by me to read everything I wrote above (which REALLY isn’t all that much),

here’s the gist of it!

Site’s dead. I rule now. And I declare:

P.S. This is all a lie. Happy April Fools!