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Update on Week 1 of Spring 2014

Series were getting dropped like flies so it really wasn’t worth the post. Allow me to just very quickly summarize what’s going on for this season and why it’s going to be like it is.

Let’s get the easier stuff out of the way

  1. Jojo is being watched. There was not any doubt over this.
  2. DAL is being watched for the sole reason of the artist behind the series.
  3. Nisekoi’s manga is getting worse with each chapter but the anime is something that I’ve already committed to watching.
  4. Mahouka is being watched so I can poke fun at Light FOREVER.

I’m not going to count the new DAL episode because it was an anime original to give retrospect to what transpired in the first season. No need for me to repeat what they’re explaining.

Now let’s get to the fun part.

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Half A Million

Well while I was asleep, the hits finally passed 500,000. It took a few years but with the accelerated rate of views I’m betting we can reach 1,000,000 in around a year. By the way, the image is the first thing that came to mind when I hit half a million, the GTA IV trophy Half a Million. So more points for me for the reference.

I say the same words every year on the site’s birthday so I won’t waste time by telling you the progress of this site.

Thank you everyone, I will continue doing this until all of anime literally becomes moeshit.


3rd Anniversary

Jojo Celebration

So apparently I was too preoccupied with other things going on that I completely missed October 2nd which was this site’s 3rd birthday.

It’s been 3 long years since me and my friends dived into the world of anime. Through turns and corners, only I remain while I keeping in contact with Light who’s just too busy to get anything done, I try my best to fit studying and writing.

This year also marks the year I really got into figures, I both bless and curse this costly hobby.

After a bit of blog existential/identity crisis, I decided to change the look and for a more subtle style without trying to fill the screen with pictures. That crisis still goes on since no one bothers to comment but the Site Stats alone please me enough for me to keep up, hell, I can only imagine if I actually got some feedback around here

Post frequency should be relatively the same but this is the time of my life where everything is starting to pile but I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

To any of you those who still read and keep up with this site, I only have two things to say to you:

Thank You so very much

And would it kill you to comment?

Jojo Part 6

Music of the Week 66: Top 5 Openings/Endings of 2012

First off, Happy (belated) New Years Everybody!

It was a painful and strenuous year (at least in real life) and I didn’t get much crap done in the last 1/3 of the year. Schools has around one and a half years left for me and off to whatever institution to be stuck again for 4 years or more.

But let’s stop the depressing real life talk, but it’s not like I can brag about this site anyway.

Okay, for real, I’ll stop the depressing talk.

While my pictures are in a ZIP file somewhere deep in my computer’s data, I might as well just make a completely new non-review post while leaving around 10 of those drafts on hold while I finish this and 2 more series reviews. So as the title should suggest, let’s hear my top 5 series openings or endings from the past year.

Nichibros #5

The opening is quite literally the most upbeat song for a series of guys/bro’s doing what guys/bro’s do when they’re in/out of school (ahem, f*ck these slashes, I can’t make a decision or the correct words at the moment). Anyways, the ending is out of the ordinary too. It’s a strange and catchy song with none other than our large cast act out an even stranger play.

Binbougami Ga #4

Deciding between the opening and ending was pretty simple for this one. The opening is upbeat and features the myriad of characters we get to see in the show. The ending focusing on the 2 “parallels” of the show, Momiji and Ichiko. The opening is even more notable when you realize: It’s sung by a GUY

Sword Art Online #3

Hated the series, loved the music. The ending sounds like a Christmas song (at least for me) and everything in the 2nd season is just adding on to the year’s big disappointment. I can’t really deny the soundtrack though, but there are a lot of series with respectable music that are bad. Refer a bit below.

Guilty Crown #3

Take lessons SAO. GC was able to provide good music while…no wait…a lot of people hated both SAO and GC. Well since we’re at my site, I’ll just say I hated both of the series, but I got what I wanted out of GC. GC gave me Shu’s 10 minutes of badass and everything fell to dust while SAO kept good music and fell face first onto the ground while just having good music.

Well I don’t want two series I hated to take the number 2 spot. What else did I like this year?

Fate Zero #2

Who else could take a female King Arthur seriously (well, other than for good eyecandy with her 4 identical and differently colored clones). To be short I didn’t and while Saber and Rider was the only reason I watched Fate/Stay Night and then go on to read up everything on how the anime was bad and the VN Was good, (inhale) Fate Zero was thankfully mature enough to entertain the hell out of me. It’s the honest to god Holy Grail War, not with kids but actual adults (okay there was one kid but he was partnered with the most badass hero of them all). It had very little to non-existant amounts of fan-service, which is perfect in telling me to take this seriously. The last song however along with its quite fabulous piece takes the cake though

ojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part II: Battle Tendency #1

Real hard decision. First opening gets you pumped up to do some working out and/or read one of the longest running manga series to date. The ending for both Parts are the same and are good but DAMN….when I heard the beginning seconds of Part 2’s opening, I had to go change my pants….twice. The kicking bass, the horns, smooth animations, and the fabulous colors just blew me away like jet engines. It just blew GC and SAO’s soundtracks out my window and then proceeded to burn them with a flurry of colors and character development (and the most badass group of teens the certain parts of the series provides)

Alright, time to stop looking at Korean Memes and BACK TO WORK.

Small Update on the Series Reviews to Come

Hey guys, just a quick post.

[UPDATE]: Recap 12 will be bundled with 12 for further convenience. Specifically, Tonari’s ep 12 and Btoom’s ep 12 will be bundled as the other serie with more than 13 episodes will continue on with the actual week 12 recap

With my brother back in town, I can’t really find the time to post (since he’s basically with me the entire time). Just so happens that the end of the season is upon as well. Strangely, a lot of the series that I’m watching are not really going to be ending with a mere 12 episodes. I’m currently trying to find time to post 2 series reviews that are overdue (well, I’m in the appropirate time zone if I get some out) and a few others that need to get done.

Here’s the list of upcoming reviews and other things 😀

  • Btooom’s review will be worked on as soon as I wrap up Week 11’s Recap post
  • Chunnibyou was actually sat through by me and that will be getting a review
  • Sword Art Online will get one. No Comment
  • Seitokai will be included in Week 11 and 12, its episode 9 was the finale so series review after I get those two out.
  • Tonari will be included in Week Recap 11 and 12 while getting a series review after episode 13 is released
  • Jojo will go on forever, but I might do a small recap on Part 1…but probably not
  • Magi will continue for god knows how long, they have enough manga material for a 26 episode one
  • OniAi will get one but nothing for TLDR and HNG because those have had animes before.

Short but hey, I still care about this place.

Happy Holidays everyone

hippiefreak’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Wishlist and a few more stuff

It is customary for me to make a list of demands things I want during the….well I haven’t done this enough to actually call it a tradition but it ain’t too late to start now. With the holiday season coming up, I might as well share some wallet-bleeding items that I covet for the holiday season. I’ve even put on some stuff that I have and stuff that I DON’T want but I’ll go out of my way to explain why.

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

Oh wait, according to the first anniversary, I’m a day late.

Screw it, let’s celebrate anyway.

I can still remember that day, I decided to talk about anime with 3 other friends. They were on board for the first few months but then it all went silent. Light was able to come back but he rarely shows up here. So I’ve had friends come and go and this day marks my two-year journey into the anime blogging world, and you know what? I regret naming this like this. Maybe something aroundLazy@SS Anime would been a lot nicer, I digress. I’ve gotten into this one way too far to change it.

Met plenty of people, read a lot of good pieces, and I thank anyone who stopped by and read what I had to say. It means a lot that someone out there either enjoyed my horribley unorganized writing, makes me feel even better if they laugh. Who doesn’t like to make people laugh?

Thanks everybody, and as my writing gets better, I hope you stay with us (rather, ME, cause I work on this thing alone)