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Music of the Week #16

A day late, mostly because I was busy yesterday with schoolwork.

Well usually that isn’t really my problem when it comes to this site but whatever, Light actually made a post regarding SOPA and PIPA (mostly for the funny pictures he found online).

So this week’s song is from what I regard as the funniest highschool comedy I have ever seeen. Cromartie Highschool is a highschool life that I would love to have. Minus the part where everyone is a dumbass at least. I mean come on, a school with gorillas, robots, aliens, horses, AND Freddie Mercury. How awesome is that?

Of course Danshi Kokousei is doing a nice job entertaining me as well.

The opening is a very nice song. Has the old feel to it.

Apparently my uncle was a gangster in his younger years back in Korea. He tells me that back then, gangsters weren’t the bullies that run around in this age. Instead they basically served as the “bodyguards” of the highschool students from other schools and as such, would fight against the rival school’s gang. A sense of honor was there back in the day, unlike today’s gangsters.

Light currently is still deciding what series he wishes to cover while I’m thinking to cover Amagami or Brave 10…I will try to get our minds set up by the end of this week. So expect a 3 episode recap post from both of us.

Classics: Vagabond

“Focus only on the leaf, you will never see the tree. Focus only on the tree, you will never see the entire forest.”

Takehiko Inoue made himself a household name in his line of work with Slam Dunk. He would prove himself that he had more to share for us and his next working title would be Vagabond. Vagabond is yet another series that I found my brother reading, but rather this was one of the older series he found and started to read. This was around, my middle school years before he went off to college. This was the penultimate series he would read as far as I know, he hasn’t been reading anything that isn’t related to Berserk as of late. Continue reading Classics: Vagabond

Music of the Week #15

Well, I posted one of my longer classics post regarding the best sports series, Slam Dunk. In order to celebrate that, lets listen to the original Japanese anime’s opening

If you read most of my classics reviews, you would have seen that it was my brother that helped me find the older series which would ultimately become the better series I would have a chance to read. Slam Dunk was probably the first series my brother read so faithfully. If I remembered correctly, he had a ton of volumes in his room a long time ago, what has happened to them now, I have no idea. But then again, he just might have borrowed them. Anyway, this was in Korea and a few months in America. Now this series is famous even in Korea, so much that the localization gave the characters korean names. It wasn’t that rare and the series usually retain the Japanese but I strictly remember Inuyasha and Slam Dunk being the few series that had localized names. Yu Yu Hakusho was literally subbed in Korean while few others held their names. In addition to Korean localization that brought korean names and dubs, we also had songs in Korean as well. Now there are a handful of ones that were actually uploaded to youtube. If I remember correctly, I uploaded the School Rumble opening as well as the Korean one. I actually liked the Korean ending (same melody and lyrical translation) but I still couldn’t find it. Oh yeah, sometimes songs are either direct translations, or completely new.

I will probably post the korean versions if I can find them, if they are good, and its japanese counterpart was selected.

So let me stop talking and just give you the song, first, the First and Original opening!

The Korean opening is pretty nostalgic, and so is the ending for me. Personally I prefer the korean ending over the japanese one while the openings are both equally awesome. Give them a hear, ya hear?

Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga

Truly, one of the greatest sports manga ever made

You have been reading most and if not all my classic reviews, you would learn that a lot of old manga series are discovered by me thanks to my brother’s reccomendations. If I remember well enough, this was probably his very first manga series and definitely his favorite (next to Berserk, but that takes f*cking FOREVERRRR). It was probably the very reason he took basketball with such a passion during his highschool years. Now this was a long time ago, and he always told me, firsthand to read this manga if I was ever going to read a sports manga. So now, my time has come and I finally did read this and, wow. That was one hell of an inspirational joyride.

So whats the series about anyway? Judging from the title and the fact if you knew anything about the basketball world, it’s about basketball. The story is about the Shohoku Highschool’s average basketball team that rises to one of the top schools for basketball in the nation, thanks to a team of rowdy teammates that constantly fight and annoy eachother. Spoilers! but it’s a sports manga!  Continue reading Classics: Slam Dunk + Short Analysis on Sports manga

Music of the Week #14

Life’s been pretty normal I guess, a week without some anime does give me more time to study.

That aside, I’m pretty sure the winter series will air in a week or two. The first impressions and the preview post will be out once most series have their pilot episodes air. Until then, I’m working on a few other reviews on other series. Not much else to talk about…

Oh yeah, thanks for visiting some of the pages everyone. Remember, pages have pictures, yes, even the pages that just link to other pages (for ex. the Author’s Corner page is a page itself and it will link to the 2011 and 2012 entries). Also whats the deal with Hidan no Aria? That’s racking up views pretty quick alongside the Yu Yu Hakusho review.

Anyways, let me stop talking and give you this week’s song. This song is debatably THE MOST cutest/heartwarming song next to Renai Circulation