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Music of the Week #8

A classic manga review will follow tomorrow but this song should prove as an obvious indicator on which series it’s gonna be

Yep, It’s GTO

It was one of the few series my brother ever recommended to me and he only has recommened around 5 to me.

Anyways enjoy the song as I will try to get something out today and post the classic tomorrow

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

Hah, these kids don’t know about cellphones

I don’t neccessarily hate Yozra (I couldn’t hate anyone in this series!) but hey, we need a counter balance to the wierder members of the club right?

So, this weeks episode (much to my dismay) did not feature Kodaka going to Sena’s house to meet her father and get a huge misunderstanding from everyone else. Instead we got, mostly a Yozora episode in my opinion. I say this because we see her smile, quite brightly actually. Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 7 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episodes 16-20 Summary

Fear not, I haven’t forgotten about this series.

Yes i know that i neglected the series, but only 5 more weeks to go right?

I guess I just ain’t the fan of “cute girls doing cute things” Although i fairly enjoyed their concerts, I just can’t seem to go about seeing them do random crap. I seriously thought of dropping this series, but with over half the series finished, i might as well try to endure the most of it, besides, who would dare let a series about singing and idols end with a wimper right? I expect an epic final episode

Anyways 5 episode packed into one, I apologize for this but don’t expect anything great from me regarding idolm@ster Continue reading The IDOLM@STER Episodes 16-20 Summary

Genshiken Review & Analysis

Simple, relatable, and faved

Obvious spoilers ahead, sorry about this

Quite honestly, I have no idea how I got to know this series, there wasn’t anything too special about this series rather, a character that was extremely attractive. I guess that reason told me to go watch this series for the sake of watching otaku’s doing what otaku’s do best, being otaku’s.

NOTE: So I was going to do the first season review but then I literally read through the manga (i loved it) atleast the original 55 chapters and decided to just do the entire damn thing now. So I will concentrate on the first generation of Genshiken

To be frank, I guess the main character is Kanji Sasahara, a freshmen in college who starts looking for clubs in his college. Seeing as though his main hobby or past-time is reading manga, watching anime and stuff, he checks out the anime club and manga club. However, it’s full of fat boys and the typical otaku male and so he is discouraged to join anything for now. While this is going on another “main” character, Makoto Kousaka is looking to join clubs as well along with his childhood friend he reunited with, Saki Kasukabe. Eventually Kousaka joins Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyūkai or Genshiken which translates to “The Society of for the Study of Modern Visual Culture”. Kousaka meets Sasahara and invites him in the clubroom. There he meets his friends who he will spend the next 4-5 years with. But for now, Sasahara is still not confident in admitting he has a penchant for anime, manga, and doujinshi’s. One by one, the club members leave to attend their own business, and when Sasahara is alone, he looks for some doujinshi. He eventually does, but he finds out that this was a test, to see if new members are truly “otaku” material. Sasahara is now the newest member of Genshiken. Continue reading Genshiken Review & Analysis

Music of the Week #7

Note, after we reach 10, imma change the pics

School Rumble’s opening didn’t compare how the first ending stuck into my head. Although I admit right now, i prefer the Korean version because the voice was a little less soft and more prominent which in my opinion would make this song even better.

Another nostalgic song engraved here on this site. School anime was never the same after I watched School Rumble

Anyways, enjoy!

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6 Review

First of the many reviews to come, lets get this one out of the way

Episode starts off with a flashback. Kodaka is informed by his father that they will be moving. Later, Kodaka tells his (painfully obvious who it is) “friend” that he has something very important to tell him. His friend also replies that he has got a something Kodaka must hear as well and the two decide to meet at their meeting place tomorrow. Continue reading Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6 Review

Music of the Week #6

Updated the Author’s Corner, I know you guys like more pics 😀

Anyway this week’s song is the first intro to School Rumble season 1 (the best season). I mostly remember this song with its Korean version (2nd vid) but either way, both songs are good. School Rumble was one of my favorite highschool romantic comedy, but the series ending was just TERRIBLE. Season 1 was the most hilarious 26 episodes I had ever seen (until of course i saw Cromartie Highschool)

This is one of the many anime themes I can remember back when I was Korea, memories keep coming back…

Enjoy both of them!