What makes Blue Archive so popular?

Ten years ago I poorly explained three multimedia franchises that were booming within the burgeoning internet communities of the 2010s. Today, I hope to try in competently explaining why I think another booming franchise with cute anime girls is doing well for itself.

The topic of today’s analysis is Blue Archive, a Korean Gacha Game that has recently just celebrated its 2nd Anniversary and is enjoying a boom in popularity. I myself picked this game up a month or two after its global server release last year and seeing the reactions to it have been entertaining and in my mind, well deserved. Blue Archive is not my first gacha game, I’ve been afflicted by this genre since 2017 when FGO caught me in its clutches and then Azur Lane entered my life a year later. With multiple years under my belt, I kind of knew what to expect, but Blue Archive definitely lands on a different strike zone compared to the other two.

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