Music of the Week #591

Time management.

Is something I’m struggling with. I’m slowly making my way through Nioh 2 and I’m making sure to actually level my onmyo after feeling like I was left out of some fun bullshit in the first game. I’ll also preface this now, I’ll be going over some more tracks from Paper Mario 1 now that I actually remember I forgot some tunes from spotlighting. We’ll get to Super Paper Mario soon.

The Shadow Queen is a sour point in my gaming career. If I remember correctly, I had like 50HP in my initial playthrough of Thousand Year Door yet had trouble dealing with Grodus and Bowser. The Shadow Queen was a final boss I somehow was never able to beat and I don’t understand how my younger self wasn’t able to do so. At some point, I did a 2nd playthrough of it but lost steam around the X-Naut Base’s final stretch in the factory level and didn’t even get close to the Palace of Shadows again. Or maybe I did, because I remember one of my runs reaching the Riddle Tower but not progressing from there.