ELDEN RING- The Price of Ambition

I’ve put this one off for nearly a year so let’s talk about our proud 2022 Game of the Year winner. As far as my opinion goes, it didn’t really have that much competition. The math tells me it took 52 days for me to finish Elden Ring but I count around 46 because I took a couple days off because I was busy with obligations and had no time to fit in a session because most of the early game stuff would take me like 4-5 hours a day, this game is THAT hard to put down. Allow me to preface this by also saying that I apologize for so many of the pictures being boring UI/Menu stuff, I mostly discuss the newer additions to the game as a long-time player of Fromsoft games so those were the elements I liked to discuss.

Let’s review the calendar and rewind the clock a bit. The last Fromsoft game was Sekiro in 2019 and Dark Souls 3 was another 3 years before that in 2016. You could consider the Demon’s Souls remake as one but that doesn’t count for me since I already played the original. It’s been SIX YEARS since we’ve had a traditional souls game and it definitely feels like it has been that long because it was such a refreshing system to return to. I was so glad to be back that I spent the first two hours of Elden Ring killing the Tree Sentinel because I knew I could do it. I was laughing through the whole thing as I committed his patterns to memory and finally killed him and unleashed myself to the rest of the game’s world.

Now, there’s no real reason for me to explain the gameplay of Elden Ring but I will be talking about the changes and my impressions on the new additions to the core gameplay. Then we’ll address the open world and the few of my issues for the experience.

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