Music of the Week #588

Things are happening.

I’ve got two posts more or less ready to go, one’s going up tomorrow and the other just needs pictures. I actually have the pictures on my computer now so I can barely delay it without excuses. I have the desire to get these out now so I actually mean it when I say they’ll be done before the week ends.

This is one of my favorite themes in the game and “almost” makes up for the slog we had to go through getting here. The X-Naut fortress is revisited in almost every chapter interlude with Peach and some of the interior is even explored by her but exploring the level as Mario proper has this amazing techno theme playing. It dies down around the time you get to Grodus’ room and office but it plays right back up until you reach the end of the factory portion to have your last rematch against Crump and his mech.

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