Music of the Week #586


My holidays almost over but I have some material to work with for a bit. I’m pretty sure Nagatoro’s Season 2 comes out this Winter season so it’ll be nice to have something to watch again. I also, once again, discovered an anime that had just finished airing to binge so maybe I’ll write my thoughts on that in the near future. At least Stone Ocean’s done with too.

Fahr Outpost’s the last little town in the Thousand Year Door and it’s not all too noteworthy aside from the Frozen Soviet base feel of the whole thing. More importantly than its atmosphere is the utterly notorious nature of the critical path progression that is required to move on to the penultimate dungeon of the game. The hunt for General White takes you all over the game’s previous settlements hunting for leads but it turns out that in your wild goosechase, he’s one step ahead of you and asleep in his house in the outpost after you finish your trip.