Music of the Week #585

Real late.

Jojo is all written up and just needs the final touches, already sounds like a repeat of last week. The holiday laziness and family time really eats up any of my solo time. No real excuses beyond that and playing some singleplayer games finally. I really should finish up that Battle Chasers post even if I won’t have the photos I want to use. I’m certain I’ve said that line once before too.

Consider this week a double feature for being so late and not being able to post the Stone Ocean write-up as I had wanted. Grodus is the primary antagonist of the Thousand Year Door and I thought he was a pretty nifty villain, being the one serious individual in an army of hooligans who are mostly led on the field by Lord Crump. Grodus’ boss fight also confused young stupid me because I spent two turns tattling him and his summons and letting him prop up his shield. I realize just how terrible I was at this game looking back. Grodus’ theme however is a bit further down the line while his room’s theme is something we hear frequently as the end of chapter interludes featuring Peach usually start off with Grodus barking orders to his subordinates in his throne room.

Music of the Week #584


I got the Stone Ocean post ready to go but it just needs a couple finishing touches. A lot of distractions have been popping up between having some games to actually play. Hopefully I can manage this better now that my area’s snowed out to hell.

The Poshley Sanctum is the last stretch of Chapter 6 that provides a light puzzle before awarding you the Crystal Star. You’ve basically won the chapter at this point because you already beat the Smorgs and the Dark Boos are completely optional.

Music of the Week #583

What a ride.

I’m in the middle of writing my thoughts on Stone Ocean and man, my expectations were exceeded. I can’t wait to get all my thoughts down on it.

The Smorgs were an unexpected boss fight that I had little expectations for given how unassuming they looked. To me, they just looked like a couple of Fuzzies. I do remember having trouble with the Smorgs during my first playthrough though.

Music of the Week #582


I’m writing this one in advance as I start up the final third of Stone Ocean and I wanted to put my expectations down on text before going further.

  • The OP better get some time-based mishaps by the time we get to Made In Heaven
  • C-Moon and DIO’s kids better get more than just silhouettes
  • Heavy Weather better better change up the opening too
  • Mickey

Honestly, it seems that most of said expectations are from the OP since it can be so emblematic of a given part it represents but I can only hope that the climax of the saga gets the justice it deserves. Not going to lie, the voice performance in the updated ASB doesn’t give me too much hope at the moment but I really hope they nail the lines better in the real deal.

Anyways, the Riverside Station acts as the “dungeon” part of the chapter that isn’t all that long but provides an unmistakably atmospheric little trek through a seemingly abandoned station. I still remember the sunset backdrop as being one of the more memorable vistas in the game.