Music of the Week #578


Somehow got into a Legend of Zelda rabbit hole despite not interacting with the series in any significant way for about a decade. Then again, the last decade of Legend of Zelda only released three new games while the rest were remakes so I haven’t missed much. Guess what songs I’ll be reminiscing hard about once we get through Paper Mario.

If there’s quirks people know about me, it’s that I’m weirdly particular about movies, games, and other pieces of media featuring a fight or incident on trains. Well that and anything food related. The Excess Express inevitably has some backtracking between the cars but I think the set-up is unique enough to warrant it. It’s a chapter that does a bit without a big dungeon at the end but instead has two smaller sequences in between the train segments. They make decent use of that set-up for me to have enjoyed the quest for penultimate crystal star.

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