Music of the Week #577

Inching closer.

Turns out Nagatoro Season 2 is airing in Winter so I got that to look forward to, as well as the final third of Part 6 so it’ll be nice to have things to talk about again. I did mention I was watching Uzaki but I think I’ve pinpointed why I don’t find it as entertaining as Nagatoro. Does the explanation deserve its own post? I’m leaning towards no so I’ll probably mention it when the time comes.

Like in the original Paper Mario, there’s a place in town where Mario can engage in some mini-games for prizes and Rogueport’s gambling den is the Pianta Parlor run by the Pianta mob. Aside from confusing kids with female Boos in cat ears, the games being played make use of the paper mechanics of the game where there are separate games for each paper “curse” form you have, leading to higher payouts. I remember spending a lot of coins around here but can’t for the life of me remember why I was farming these things. I wonder if it was for all the cake mix.