Music of the Week #581

Hopefully on time.

Despite my complaints on having little to play, Nioh 2 became free on PS+ and Ruined King also went on sale. I still realize that I haven’t replayed Battle Chasers to get the appropriate images to actually post the damn write-up I finished on it but it now might be the time I either go back to get the pictures or just use stock stuff. I don’t know which new game to play first though.

Made a mishap with the songs, Dusk was to be for last week while Evening was supposed to be for today. Oh well. My opinion remains the same on how despite the slightly restrictive nature of the chapter taking place on maybe 4-5 train interior screens, I enjoyed the set-up enough to remember it with fond memories.

Music of the Week #580

Late but Happy Thanksgiving

Not much to say on my end. Been busy with other things and considering alternative topics to talk about that aren’t discussing new games cause I sure as hell don’t have those around on hand. Most of my games have just been practicing fighting games.

The entirety of this chapter on the Excess Express to Poshley Heights last 3 days, which translates to a day and night sequence within the train where the mystery solving and other shenanigans continue before having a more traditional puzzle-dungeon segment at the halfway point. It feels like a pretty short chapter overall but like I said before, trains alone make it memorable for me.

Music of the Week #579

Music Mania

I went on a bit of a music-saving spree once I realized organizing bookmarks is kind of annoying and I think I have a good set-up for future music posts. November is almost halfway done and that means Stone Ocean will unceremoniously be over when the final batch drops early December. One can only hope that they go back to a weekly release schedule instead of letting Netflix batches fuck everything up. Been thinking of writing up another series in my current video-game lull too.

This week’s tune parallels with the Shiver City intro in Paper Mario where Mario is framed for murder and we get another mystery set-up where Mario must assist Pennington unravel a mystery on board the train before they reach their destination.

Music of the Week #578


Somehow got into a Legend of Zelda rabbit hole despite not interacting with the series in any significant way for about a decade. Then again, the last decade of Legend of Zelda only released three new games while the rest were remakes so I haven’t missed much. Guess what songs I’ll be reminiscing hard about once we get through Paper Mario.

If there’s quirks people know about me, it’s that I’m weirdly particular about movies, games, and other pieces of media featuring a fight or incident on trains. Well that and anything food related. The Excess Express inevitably has some backtracking between the cars but I think the set-up is unique enough to warrant it. It’s a chapter that does a bit without a big dungeon at the end but instead has two smaller sequences in between the train segments. They make decent use of that set-up for me to have enjoyed the quest for penultimate crystal star.

Music of the Week #577

Inching closer.

Turns out Nagatoro Season 2 is airing in Winter so I got that to look forward to, as well as the final third of Part 6 so it’ll be nice to have things to talk about again. I did mention I was watching Uzaki but I think I’ve pinpointed why I don’t find it as entertaining as Nagatoro. Does the explanation deserve its own post? I’m leaning towards no so I’ll probably mention it when the time comes.

Like in the original Paper Mario, there’s a place in town where Mario can engage in some mini-games for prizes and Rogueport’s gambling den is the Pianta Parlor run by the Pianta mob. Aside from confusing kids with female Boos in cat ears, the games being played make use of the paper mechanics of the game where there are separate games for each paper “curse” form you have, leading to higher payouts. I remember spending a lot of coins around here but can’t for the life of me remember why I was farming these things. I wonder if it was for all the cake mix.