Music of the Week #576

Things are going too fast.

October is already near its end and I don’t feel like this month properly happened. I’ve been getting more distracted lately due to getting back into Dawn of War 2 of all things and watching casted match replays in the back. Also been practicing Guilty Gear after years of not being able to pick who I’ve wanted to play. I guess if nothing else my interests in games is coming back again, even if I’m back to playing older stuff. Damn, can you believe Dawn of War 2 is over 10 years old?

Anyways, this week’s theme plays during Mario’s frequent visits to the West Side of Rogueport, the “uptown” of the area as it has some decent looking residential, a small park, and access to the train and blimp. This is also the side of town ruled by the Pianta Mob, yeah, those guys from Sunshine. They have beef with the more ragtag looking gangs from the Eastern side of town and this tune is what plays in the mob parlor and the boss’ office.