Music of the Week #575

Blink and it’s already Wednesday

I spent the last three days just writing my thoughts down on some things that were on my mind and going back to edit these things make take a bit but I do want to share some of these thoughts. Writing the most recent musing however also sent me on a musical nostalgia spiral. Said music is something I actually talked about YEARS ago so it felt extra introspective on what my headspace was back then compared to now.

Tayce T is the cook of the game who makes a rather strong impression immediately as you enter Rogueport as she’s the one who blocks you from entering the west side of town. I have no idea if there’s unique dialogue if you actually go near her past the point of progression and trigger her contact-lens scene but for the first chapter she won’t let you pass until the mail order comes in. Her actual function is to cook food for you to make items and this is one of those RPG checklist things you think might be fun to fill out but then you remember inventory management in this game is tedious as all hell to maintain.

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