Music of the Week #574

Oh whoops.

Nothing really big going on at the moment aside from editing a couple of other stuff I’ve been writing and thinking of posting. The season is going pretty slowly for me since I’m currently watching two shows that aren’t don’t really need much talking about given how one is a rom-com in the vein of Nagatoro but with too many peanut gallery members and the other is just molcars. Maybe I should give Bleach a shot since I haven’t read past Fake Karakura Town, see what the hype is about since I sure as hell remember no exciting developments from the manga version of it.

Cortez’s fight is hilarious in hindsight since you really didn’t need to end up fighting him at all. Most of the dead pirate souls you fight make up around a 3rd of the enemies you fight here since the rest are buzzies, bob-ulks, and some swoopers if I’m remembering carefully. It’s still a really cool fight though because Twilight Town dealt with a creative and meta type of creepy while Cortez is just classic and obviously supernatural with how he’s got four hands.

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