Music of the Week #573

And that’s that.

Well, I managed to get some stuff written up and now I have to look at our fall season. Tons and tons of continuations from before and I had to look through them all and was surprised at what exactly was getting extra seasons. BnHA passed by right damn quick and is on Season freaking 6. Spy x Family got itself a second season incredibly fast, Mob Psycho is getting another, Urusei Yatsura’s remake was something I thought already came out, Kancolle finally got its 2nd season, Digi Charat is getting a renewal, Molcars return, and Muvluv somehow got a second season. There’s a bunch more I didn’t mention but damn, that’s a lot.

This week’s tune somehow lines up with October as while Creepy Steeple was pretty creepy for identity theft reasons, Cortez makes you wonder what the hell he even was before he became a bag of bones. Somehow an infamous and bloodthirsty pirate turns out to be an okay guy so as long as you don’t try and grab any of his treasures. Of course, we find out that afterwards but his fight was pretty damn cool with how he’s got a bunch of weapons and phases. It almost reminds me of what the final boss is like.

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