Music of the Week #576

Things are going too fast.

October is already near its end and I don’t feel like this month properly happened. I’ve been getting more distracted lately due to getting back into Dawn of War 2 of all things and watching casted match replays in the back. Also been practicing Guilty Gear after years of not being able to pick who I’ve wanted to play. I guess if nothing else my interests in games is coming back again, even if I’m back to playing older stuff. Damn, can you believe Dawn of War 2 is over 10 years old?

Anyways, this week’s theme plays during Mario’s frequent visits to the West Side of Rogueport, the “uptown” of the area as it has some decent looking residential, a small park, and access to the train and blimp. This is also the side of town ruled by the Pianta Mob, yeah, those guys from Sunshine. They have beef with the more ragtag looking gangs from the Eastern side of town and this tune is what plays in the mob parlor and the boss’ office.

Music of the Week #575

Blink and it’s already Wednesday

I spent the last three days just writing my thoughts down on some things that were on my mind and going back to edit these things make take a bit but I do want to share some of these thoughts. Writing the most recent musing however also sent me on a musical nostalgia spiral. Said music is something I actually talked about YEARS ago so it felt extra introspective on what my headspace was back then compared to now.

Tayce T is the cook of the game who makes a rather strong impression immediately as you enter Rogueport as she’s the one who blocks you from entering the west side of town. I have no idea if there’s unique dialogue if you actually go near her past the point of progression and trigger her contact-lens scene but for the first chapter she won’t let you pass until the mail order comes in. Her actual function is to cook food for you to make items and this is one of those RPG checklist things you think might be fun to fill out but then you remember inventory management in this game is tedious as all hell to maintain.

Music of the Week #574

Oh whoops.

Nothing really big going on at the moment aside from editing a couple of other stuff I’ve been writing and thinking of posting. The season is going pretty slowly for me since I’m currently watching two shows that aren’t don’t really need much talking about given how one is a rom-com in the vein of Nagatoro but with too many peanut gallery members and the other is just molcars. Maybe I should give Bleach a shot since I haven’t read past Fake Karakura Town, see what the hype is about since I sure as hell remember no exciting developments from the manga version of it.

Cortez’s fight is hilarious in hindsight since you really didn’t need to end up fighting him at all. Most of the dead pirate souls you fight make up around a 3rd of the enemies you fight here since the rest are buzzies, bob-ulks, and some swoopers if I’m remembering carefully. It’s still a really cool fight though because Twilight Town dealt with a creative and meta type of creepy while Cortez is just classic and obviously supernatural with how he’s got four hands.

Music of the Week #573

And that’s that.

Well, I managed to get some stuff written up and now I have to look at our fall season. Tons and tons of continuations from before and I had to look through them all and was surprised at what exactly was getting extra seasons. BnHA passed by right damn quick and is on Season freaking 6. Spy x Family got itself a second season incredibly fast, Mob Psycho is getting another, Urusei Yatsura’s remake was something I thought already came out, Kancolle finally got its 2nd season, Digi Charat is getting a renewal, Molcars return, and Muvluv somehow got a second season. There’s a bunch more I didn’t mention but damn, that’s a lot.

This week’s tune somehow lines up with October as while Creepy Steeple was pretty creepy for identity theft reasons, Cortez makes you wonder what the hell he even was before he became a bag of bones. Somehow an infamous and bloodthirsty pirate turns out to be an okay guy so as long as you don’t try and grab any of his treasures. Of course, we find out that afterwards but his fight was pretty damn cool with how he’s got a bunch of weapons and phases. It almost reminds me of what the final boss is like.

Hataraku Maou Sama S2- Kind of More of the Same?

One of the most prevalent issues with a lot of Light Novel adaptations is that a lot of the more interesting developments occur well beyond the usual 3 volume adaptation count. The first volume always begins the usual way, the second volume introduces another principle member of the cast, and the third volume might actually start getting interesting.

Hataraku Maou-Sama returns to the animated world after 9 long years since its first season and its announcement definitely came as a surprise. Almost as surprising as Rurouni Kenshin’s new animated project announcements, although that one has some actual prestige to it like the newer Shaman King adaptations. What I’m trying to say is that nobody expected a continuation almost a decade later.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean S2- Huh What Already?

Only took me a whole month.

Joining late to the party as usual, I think the conversation towards the quality and enjoyment of Stone Ocean has moved past the content and toward the delivery.

It seems to be the prevailing opinion that batch releases really ruin the pacing and I’m inclined to agree. The fact that I would have been even later to this post without having learned about Part 2 of Stone Ocean being released second-hand is testament to that.

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