Music of the Week #572

The weathers gone cold, I missed this.

I actually managed to get some writing done and will hopefully get them out before the week ends. Crazy to think Summer just went by in a flash like that. My favorite season in the year is Fall but that signals the coming end to the year and it’s been a big one for me. But what I’m mostly hoping for is to have something to watch for it.

This week’s theme is the very down-low tune of the Pirate’s Grotto, the dungeon for Keelhaul Key. While things get spooky deeper into the cave, it’s actually pretty relaxing if not for all the booby traps and cannons placed everywhere to bar your way. The tune is also mixing a bit of that ambiance when you’re hearing the constant waving and crashing of water that’s ever present in the stage. A big mix-up from Lavalava Island from 64 as this ones entirely themed around water and features the final paper transformation technique in the game, and understandably, the least used one in the form of a paper boat.

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