Music of the Week #571

The seasons coming to an end.

I am incredibly proud of myself as I saw how the season was coming to an end and I was able to not watch a single episode of Kanojo Okarishimasu and finally be freed from that horrendous rabbit hole of literally nothing happening. How in the world it got a 3rd season is beyond me. How the hell do people like this? I finally finished Stone Ocean Part 2 as well and I’m in the middle of writing up my thoughts.

As much as I love Chapter 5 of Thousand Year Door, it does have a bit of an annoying back-track streak. Is it anywhere near as bad as the Twilight Trail to the Creepy Steeple? Thankfully not. As you leave the shanty-town the crew builds to keep themselves safe, you get one screen of peace before getting into a single screen of avoiding Piranha Plants and Fuzzies before a light platforming section before you finally arrive at the bridge and a formation of rocks that hide the entrance to the chapter dungeon. Saving Bobbery and finding his beverage only takes around 2 round trips, and aside from the platforming segment being a damper on a quick sprint to grab a coconut or something, the paths aren’t that narrow either.