Music of the Week #568

I have to get better at this.

So I was reminded that Jojo All Star Battle’s updated version is close to releasing and I’m sad to hear that its online will be practically be unplayable as the original was. It’s a real shame because they actually made Prosciutto and Pesci as a single playable character which I’m completely for. Hell, they even got Ghihaccio in there too which means two of my favorite fights in the entire franchise got made playable but a whole lots that’s going to do when you can barely play online on it. Either way, I guess people who have a regular offline group to play with can enjoy it. I’m still bummed out that Weather Report hasn’t been brought over from Eyes of Heaven while I’m STILL waiting for Keicho to be made playable.

We’ve already talked about Doopliss but I really needed to reiterate just how much I disliked the backtracking in this chapter. I said that you were made to go back and forth the damn Creepy Steeple forest pathway at least 6 times, so at least 3 full trips so let’s count that right now:

  • The initial run to Doopliss.
  • Walking back to Twilight Town after Mario’s body is stolen.
  • Investigating the Creepy Steeple with Vivian
  • Finding the P in the room past the well
  • Walking back to Twilight Town to reveal Doopliss’ name
  • The final run back to the Creepy Steeple for the actual fight

Come the hell on. The least they could have done was to make the paths less narrow but I guess making you fight through a gauntlet of Hyper Goombas, Clefts, and Amayzee Dayzees was the whole point.

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