Music of the Week #567

No excuses here.

Just more of me being bad with time management when I couldn’t think of some blurb to talk about here. Distractions are everywhere these days and I haven’t really played anything “new” to really talk about besides Maou-sama at the end of the season here.

Thankfully, there’s a lot to talk about the song this week. Doopliss’ encounter is the one shining star of Chapter 4 of Thousand Year Door. The name gimmick is something you absolutely cannot be expected to know and the fact that his name being hidden is repeat-playthrough-proof is also a testament to his gimmick of having deliberately taken a letter off the typing board. While this complete asshole will make you walk back and forth between Twilight Town and Creepy Steeple 5 to 6 times, it’s a pretty neat little trick.

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