Music of the Week #564-565


Good news, I finally watched Hataraku Maou S2 and despite it look a bit softer on the eyes with the slight shift in artstyles, I still enjoyed my time with it. Anyone who made a cursory glance at the light novels after the first season those many years ago will have noticed the addition of the new child character and so far the implications of the plot moving forward does have my interest. Also that ending, I’m laughing because of the slight shitstorm that occurred when the light novel series ended proper. I won’t spoil anything outright because I think I’ve said enough.

Watching EVO delaying said Hataraku Maou marathons gave me little reason to make two separate posts for this week so here it is, and thankfully we’re in an entirely new chapter anyway. Twilight Town is the Forever Forest equivalent of Thousand Year Door as the spooky place. While the nature of Twilight Town is just spooky by atmosphere, the residents are kind enough. The pathway to the Creepy Steeple, both the Gusty Gulch style roads and through the forest itself are atmospheric but they have one of the biggest gripes on my list for this game. You will be asked to backtrack this exact piece of land, with increasingly narrower roads, at least three four times.