Music of the Week #568

I have to get better at this.

So I was reminded that Jojo All Star Battle’s updated version is close to releasing and I’m sad to hear that its online will be practically be unplayable as the original was. It’s a real shame because they actually made Prosciutto and Pesci as a single playable character which I’m completely for. Hell, they even got Ghihaccio in there too which means two of my favorite fights in the entire franchise got made playable but a whole lots that’s going to do when you can barely play online on it. Either way, I guess people who have a regular offline group to play with can enjoy it. I’m still bummed out that Weather Report hasn’t been brought over from Eyes of Heaven while I’m STILL waiting for Keicho to be made playable.

We’ve already talked about Doopliss but I really needed to reiterate just how much I disliked the backtracking in this chapter. I said that you were made to go back and forth the damn Creepy Steeple forest pathway at least 6 times, so at least 3 full trips so let’s count that right now:

  • The initial run to Doopliss.
  • Walking back to Twilight Town after Mario’s body is stolen.
  • Investigating the Creepy Steeple with Vivian
  • Finding the P in the room past the well
  • Walking back to Twilight Town to reveal Doopliss’ name
  • The final run back to the Creepy Steeple for the actual fight

Come the hell on. The least they could have done was to make the paths less narrow but I guess making you fight through a gauntlet of Hyper Goombas, Clefts, and Amayzee Dayzees was the whole point.

Music of the Week #567

No excuses here.

Just more of me being bad with time management when I couldn’t think of some blurb to talk about here. Distractions are everywhere these days and I haven’t really played anything “new” to really talk about besides Maou-sama at the end of the season here.

Thankfully, there’s a lot to talk about the song this week. Doopliss’ encounter is the one shining star of Chapter 4 of Thousand Year Door. The name gimmick is something you absolutely cannot be expected to know and the fact that his name being hidden is repeat-playthrough-proof is also a testament to his gimmick of having deliberately taken a letter off the typing board. While this complete asshole will make you walk back and forth between Twilight Town and Creepy Steeple 5 to 6 times, it’s a pretty neat little trick.

Music of the Week #566

A bit late.

It is absolutely absurd how fast August is moving. Not much has been really going aside from me trying my best to not get distracted and finding good uses for my time instead of just having something on Youtube play background noise for me to be passive to.

Creepy Steeple follows the same pitfalls of the chapter in general, it is a location that is visited many times, both for progression and for Trouble Center sidequests + recipe hunting, as it has a couple points of interest. As mentioned before though, getting to it is the most annoying part but at least it’s properly creepy all the way through compared to Gusty Gulch and Tubba Blubba’s mansion where it stops being spooky and becomes more desert town-ish.

Music of the Week #564-565


Good news, I finally watched Hataraku Maou S2 and despite it look a bit softer on the eyes with the slight shift in artstyles, I still enjoyed my time with it. Anyone who made a cursory glance at the light novels after the first season those many years ago will have noticed the addition of the new child character and so far the implications of the plot moving forward does have my interest. Also that ending, I’m laughing because of the slight shitstorm that occurred when the light novel series ended proper. I won’t spoil anything outright because I think I’ve said enough.

Watching EVO delaying said Hataraku Maou marathons gave me little reason to make two separate posts for this week so here it is, and thankfully we’re in an entirely new chapter anyway. Twilight Town is the Forever Forest equivalent of Thousand Year Door as the spooky place. While the nature of Twilight Town is just spooky by atmosphere, the residents are kind enough. The pathway to the Creepy Steeple, both the Gusty Gulch style roads and through the forest itself are atmospheric but they have one of the biggest gripes on my list for this game. You will be asked to backtrack this exact piece of land, with increasingly narrower roads, at least three four times.