Music of the Week #562

How fast the days go by.

If nothing else, my consistent delay for my Elden Ring thoughts did allow me to make a couple more edits on it, as well as include my overall take on the music for it now that I’m not too focused on not dying to a boss. There was apparently a leak in upcoming Bandai Namco game announcements and one of them was DLC for Elden Ring slated for early NEXT year. I was expecting something related to the Gloam Eyed Queen but apparently we’re going to the Badlands.

Grubba’s fight and the reward for beating him is the Crystal Star that acts as your primary self-buff spell for the game. Back when I was younger, I was too dumb to really know the merits of buffing across most RPGs but the simple mini-game involved as well as how small the numbers are in Paper Mario RPGs did make the idea seem a lot more appealing to my smooth brained younger self.

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