Music of the Week #560

A bit behind.

Wasn’t able to get through any Paripi Koumei or get much of anything done over the weekend. Holiday also had me get way too relaxed and then I had mobile games to farm. The Summer Season is just starting and there’s little to talk about for me compared to Spring. I’m utterly shocked that Kanokari gets any traction from anime-only people, I don’t know why they even bother showing off the 4th girl whose name I forget because she doesn’t even exist in the manga anymore. It’s really a series you question why you keep up with it because damn near nothing happens in it.

We’re still in Glitzville unraveling the rather obvious mystery that our shifty manager is no doubt running in the back. Honestly, the only ones capable of foul play falls to either Jolene or Grubba and I actually don’t think we get to actually ever fight too many Toads. The Master back in 64 is a Toad but he’s a special case isn’t he.

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