Music of the Week #563


I’m not particularly busy these days but time management has been proving a difficult thing to maintain. At the moment I think the only thing I’m interested in keeping up with is Hataraku Maou’s second season which I have the episodes for but haven’t sat down to watch any of them yet. I just need to stop with my constant fighting games eating up my time.

This one theme actually plays a lot as it is THE sad music for the game. While “sad” is right there in the title it sounds just as whimsical and almost melodramatic since nothing “too” sad occurs in this game. We’ll be hearing this again two chapters from now.

Music of the Week #562

How fast the days go by.

If nothing else, my consistent delay for my Elden Ring thoughts did allow me to make a couple more edits on it, as well as include my overall take on the music for it now that I’m not too focused on not dying to a boss. There was apparently a leak in upcoming Bandai Namco game announcements and one of them was DLC for Elden Ring slated for early NEXT year. I was expecting something related to the Gloam Eyed Queen but apparently we’re going to the Badlands.

Grubba’s fight and the reward for beating him is the Crystal Star that acts as your primary self-buff spell for the game. Back when I was younger, I was too dumb to really know the merits of buffing across most RPGs but the simple mini-game involved as well as how small the numbers are in Paper Mario RPGs did make the idea seem a lot more appealing to my smooth brained younger self.

Music of the Week #561

Cutting my losses.

Not sure if I have the motivation to go and watch Paripi Koumei the way things are now. In another case, I don’t think I have any interest in watching Kanokari Season 2 do its thing because nothing is going to happen. What I do need to keep up with is Hataraku Maou-sama’s Season 2 since that’s something I’m actually interested in seeing pan out. I guess Kakkou Inazuke still has another set of episodes to go through. I hear that it’s close to ending, but I have no idea if that’s true or not since I haven’t been keeping up. Apparently a Bandai Namco leak shows Elden Ring DLC scheduled for early next year which is a lot later than I expected but I guess it’s still a big enough game for people to still go through the base version. I really should just my thoughts on it out in the open.

Rawk Hawk has been the celebrity that’s been teased to be that wrestling heel and the potential culprit now that I think of it, but as it turns out, he’s clean. Rawk Hawk has the celebrity personality but actually legitimate and just wants a good fight. His theme being unique is also pretty unique given that he’s not the chapter’s true boss.

Music of the Week #560

A bit behind.

Wasn’t able to get through any Paripi Koumei or get much of anything done over the weekend. Holiday also had me get way too relaxed and then I had mobile games to farm. The Summer Season is just starting and there’s little to talk about for me compared to Spring. I’m utterly shocked that Kanokari gets any traction from anime-only people, I don’t know why they even bother showing off the 4th girl whose name I forget because she doesn’t even exist in the manga anymore. It’s really a series you question why you keep up with it because damn near nothing happens in it.

We’re still in Glitzville unraveling the rather obvious mystery that our shifty manager is no doubt running in the back. Honestly, the only ones capable of foul play falls to either Jolene or Grubba and I actually don’t think we get to actually ever fight too many Toads. The Master back in 64 is a Toad but he’s a special case isn’t he.

Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato De- Great Premise Just Okay Everything Else

A story element in JRPGs and similar mediums that I can admit to enjoying is when a villainess becomes a heroine and I’ve often seen many people ask for more of this type of dynamic. One example that comes to mind are games such as Luminous Arc 2 and Stella Glow where the prominent antagonistic figure, a witch, ends up joining the party and becoming open to romance. As soon as I read the premise for this series during the season’s start, I was immediately interested in checking this one out.

And it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t amazing either.

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