Music of the Week #558

I’m ready.

I think at least three or four series I’m watching reach their conclusion this week so it’s time to prep up some writing for the weekend. I actually need to catch-up with Paripi Koumei too so I hope I can find the time and not end up playing fighting games or Dragon’s Dogma.

A uniquely memorable piece that only plays once as this is the halfway point of the chapter directly after you are faced with the unwinnable fight against the two Iron Clefts. The hot dog shop out in the plaza of Glitzville has a problem with an unruly egg that refuses to be cooked and the owner tells you that the egg is yours if you can subdue it. I forget exactly what determines the color of the Yoshi partner you end up getting but I think it had to do with how long it takes to get to the egg itself.

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