Music of the Week #556

It’s getting there.

Good news, I don’t have much to say about Bisque Doll other than that I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten a Season 2 announcement yet and I hope its hypothetical S2’s Ending is as good as the first one. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s updated manga-wise all that much for a Season 2, I think, so it probably can wait a bit. Since I have more opinions on the current season stuff, minimal as some are, I’d prefer talking about them in a timely manner so we’ll get on that.

Grubba’s theme immediately strikes you as suspicious since who can really trust Vince MacMahon? Not only that, Grubba is the same type of Mario enemy archetype as Clubbas who also were heavily featured in Chapter 3 of the first Paper Mario, it’s just down to exposing him eventually which leads into a mystery solving scenario in between all the fighting you have to do.