Music of the Week #554

Annoying setbacks.

Been trying to get more writing and other projects done or started but I’ve been trying to make up for my computer dying on me a couple months back and restoring my collection but it’s been an arduous process to say the least. I was reminded that I still had my Bisque Doll write-up to finish up and how I said I wanted to talk about some of the Spring series so I hope I can get over this current little bump in the road and get back to writing more regularly.

As mentioned last time, Glitzville is considered one of the favorites in the game and despite being only one screen outside in the entire zone, it is rather full of stuff to look at, sort of. There’s a couple elements that only become important once the Scooby Doo segments start up with the mystery of the Glitz Pit becomes relevant but until then, you get a Juice Bar that doesn’t sell you juice and only a hot dog stand. While it looks fancy and jam packed, it is rather small.

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