Music of the Week #550

Pressed for time.

I’ve finished my first playthrough of Elden Ring but writing about it is going to take some time since I have a couple other things to do before I can really concentrate on getting my full thoughts about it. Aside from that, I managed to catch up with at least two of the weekly series I mentioned being interested in and I’m still wondering if I should cover them weekly like I used to or not. I’m actually so impressed with Date A Live 4’s quality compared to Seasons 3 and 4 that I’m trying to get some more work done to talk about it sooner. I’ll see what I can get out during the weekend but I’ll be busy for the next couple weeks.

Lord Crump is a legitimate joke in the game but I do appreciate his hustle in trying to be trouble for you and he’s more or less the Junior Troopa of this game with the constant run-ins against him. His tricks doesn’t really involve himself getting any stronger but having more tools and X-Nauts to throw at you. His mech however is pretty cool and does become a relatively tough fight when we see it again way down the line.

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