Music of the Week #547-548

A week late but there’s a justifiable reason.

My hard drive died so I went and scrambled around trying to recover data and buy a new PC. I had an excuse to play more Elden Ring but I’m mostly stalling on fighting the last trio of bosses before finishing the first playthrough at approximately 160 hours. I have plenty of things to say about the game but I’m having a fun of helping people kill bosses with certain weapon art + talisman combo builds.

The two week theme connection does however flow nicely into each other as we cover both the Boggly Woods and Boggly Tree themes, two overall really atmospheric areas that contrast really hard with the rambunctious and busy theme the Puni’s come to associate with the area later. I’ve said before how the chapter basically ends up like Pikmin and how some people don’t like it as much but I thought it was pretty novel, if not a ploy to convince other companies on just how many bodies the Gamecube could process at once on a screen. I might have said this already but I’m not a big fan of Flurrie either for gameplay or just in-universe context. I have no idea what she’s supposed to be.

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