Music of the Week #546

Man, we’re on top of things this week.

Disco Elysium’s post could have used a bit more love but I finished that way back in September, and I definitely do not have the time to try and go through another file. Unless, the PS5 version can improve the load times, who knows. In any case, I’m all prepped for Elden Ring.

After I actually beat the damn thing. I’m 110 hours in and at the Consecrated Snowfields and don’t want it to end

This tune might not be to everyone’s favor as I’ve seen many people call the Great Boggly Tree a rather lackluster chapter in the context of the ones to succeed it. It’s essentially 2D pikmin and micromanaging them isn’t too bad but it does a couple extra seconds making sure all of them are following you to hit those combined weight puzzles. I do like how one of the jabbies can join the puni army though. Although to be fair, the music track does get a little grating compared to the overall serene tunes of the woods itself. Also, Flurrie is my least favorite partner..

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